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10 Contradicting Gender Prediction Theories

Getting pregnant for the first time, I was credulous and very naive to begin with. The descriptions of morning sickness and nausea threatened me so much that I believed pregnancy is a disease. 

Except for making me an insomniac, pregnancy was a nine month (ten months, to be precise) smooth ride for me. I know, I fall under the category of lucky women. But, it was not all plain sailing with the weird interpretations of reading my bump and body.

Oh! How I wish they’ve been a little easy on me prepping up to be a mom.

Most of you must’ve heard the old wives fables but not everyone must’ve received them firsthand.

Here are some of the contradicting theories and the explanations I had to give an ear to, throughout my pregnancy.

If you’re a soon-to-be mom, here’s a heads-up of what you’re going to hear.

1. Facial changes

I had cystic acne during my pregnancy and people exclaimed –

Oh my! Look at you. It’s definitely going to be a boy. Else, you’d have the pregnancy glow on your face. 

I think it’s definitely going to be a girl. She’s taking away all your beauty. 

There’s no third option. Else, I’m sure somebody would’ve added something. 

2. Bump size

Well! I still can’t figure out if it was a big one or a small one. I gained a total of 13 kgs in my pregnancy. I’d leave it for you to decide if it’s a big bump or not. Meanwhile, here are the gain sayings –

That’s a perfect cute little bump! I’m sure it’s a boy. 

Gosh! You look oversized! It’s going to be a girl.

Already showing up at 4 months? Are you sure you’re not carrying twins?

You can’t be sure which one to believe. 

3. Food cravings

I’m a typical non-sweet person and it hasn’t changed a bit during my pregnancy. Moreover, I had absolutely zero cravings.

If you feel like eating sweets, a sweet little girl is on her way.

Craving spicy, salty foods mean you’re giving birth to a baby boy.

Thank God! Nobody said, No cravings = No baby. Ha-ha!

4. Linea nigra

I had a long straight vertical dark line run through my belly button.

Your line is straight, which means you’re going to have a baby boy.

Not a crooked line? Then it’s a baby girl!

Confusing, right? It’s better not to pull your hair on this now. 

5. Belly button

It was strange how my innie can become an outie, but it happened.

Did your innie become an outie? It’s going to be a boy.

Innie intact? It’s going to be a girl.

It just doesn’t matter. It’s going to go back after the baby pops out, whether it’s a girl or boy.

6. Baby somersaults

Mine was swimming, jumping and somersaulting so hard that people sitting at a distance could see the tummy-quakes as the tiny bumpy bum went in waves from left to right in my tummy.

Is the baby always active in the tummy? It’s going to be a baby girl.

Is the baby lazy? A baby boy is on the way.

Babies are supposed to kick. Else, a visit to the doctor is all it takes to keep the baby up and active – not a good sign to have gender revelations.

7. Sleeping sides

The doctor suggested to sleep on my left. But, it was extremely difficult for me to lie down – forget about sleeping.

Are you sleeping on your right? It’s going to be a baby girl.

Sleeping on your left? It’s going to be a baby boy.

Really!? Can someone please tell me how to sleep instead of gender assessments on my sleep difficulties?

8. Heartbeat

As I already mentioned, pregnancy has been a smooth ride. So, I was calm and peaceful, which means my pulse rate would be normal. I’m not much into science, but I’m guessing two heartbeats in one might increase the pulse rate of a normal human.

Heart rate lower than 140 beats per minute? It’s going to be a baby boy.

Heartbeat hitting higher than 140 BPM? It’s going to be a baby girl.

Science is confusing, but it’s alright to ignore the misconceptions and move on, as long as the baby’s heart is beating and legs are kicking.

9. Blood pressure

Thankfully, my BP was normal. And, there are theories based on that too.

BP fluctuating and hitting high? It’s going to be a boy.

Normal BP? It’s going to be a girl.

High BP? Don’t sit at home enjoying a gender reveal party. Get the medical attention needed. 

10. Due date

My baby came two days after the expected due date.

Crossed the due date and baby hasn’t arrived yet? It’s going to be a girl!

Going into labour before the expected due date? It’s going to be a boy.

Irrespective of gender, the baby decides when to come out. Of course, sometimes the doctors decide or parents get an option to choose. 

I’m sure most pregnant ladies have heard at least a few of these myths. 
No matter what you hear, just laugh it off.
Every pregnancy is different. So, embrace your baby with a bumpy hug and celebrate every possible moment (I’m saying “possible” because you might have a good number of impossibilities with the uncomfortability :P)

Mine is a sweet baby girl. Now, go back and check the theories and let me know if they’re contradicting or not. 😀

P.S: Leave me a message if you want to order those tiny hearts that we’re holding in the picture. They’re up for sale now. 

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