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A date night in the balcony

It was our Love Anniversary that day, and I wanted to go on a date with my beloved. It was one of those last date nights before we had a permanent sweet-and-bitter distraction for the next few decades of our lives. Our marriage was just about to take a wild swerve.

I was in the last trimester of my first pregnancy, and the ball was in my court. The odds were about even. One moment I’d feel like going out to a fancy restaurant for a silent candlelight dinner, and the next minute I’d want to sit in the comfort of our house for a relaxing evening. Who else is to be blamed other than the pregnancy hormones?

While I was bustling around the house with daily chores, my mind was submerged in planning, figuring out what to wear, where to go, and how to make the day distinctly special. 

A trip to the balcony to dry clothes gave me a splendid idea.

I quickly washed and squeegeed the floor and untied the clothesline. It was sparkling clean! I squeezed in two wooden tuffets and the seating arrangement was done. A small accommodating plastic tuffet served as a table. Tada! A unique dinner table for two was organised and reserved for that special evening.

When he came back home in the evening, I was all prepared with our menu for dinner, too. Chicken steak, sausages and veggie salad with mayonnaise were the highlights of the evening’s cuisines. A special drink of buttermilk flavored with lemon, cucumber and mint poured into two tumblers added a tint of traditionality to our small festivity. 

Without a clue of our dine area for the night, he arranged everything on the table. 

Silently smiling to myself, I went in for a quick change of attire and asked him to change too. He was puzzled with my behavior but eventually gave in to my pleas, after letting him know I just wanted to make the special day more beautiful. I dressed up in my glad rags, pairing up a floral skirt with a black blouse. Complementing me beautifully, he came out smartly dressed in a floral shirt and black trousers.

As he was taking his seat at the dining table, I picked up the dishes, shifted them onto a tray and graciously told him that I chose another place for dinner.

Overcome with curiosity, he asked if it was the bedroom. Shyly nodding my head side to side, I carried the tray towards the balcony. Oh boy! You should see the amazed look on his face. I could tell he was very much impressed with the idea.

Two tealight candles propped up in cracked porcelain candle holders accentuated the entire setup. We made ourselves comfortable in our one-of-a-kind dining area and savored a scrumptious meal over endearing talks. 

We talked about how the years have quickly passed, what we liked/disliked about each other, how it’s all going to change very soon, and what it’s going to be like to experience ourselves as parents.

The delightful evening has become so memorable that I couldn’t stop myself from penning down the details to the minutest.

Have you ever planned a date night at home, making it extraordinary with whatever is already available? If not, you can follow my idea and customize it the way you like it. Get set to plan and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear!

If you have any other ideas of a date night at home, don’t keep them to yourself. Share them here and spread some love.

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