A Silent Soul

Everybody asks, How are you?
Out of routine, I respond, All goo’!

I wish somebody knew I’m lying,
And inside I’m dying!

A frustrated soul I am,
Is this the start of depression?

Gritting my teeth is how it began
Hurting myself now is where I am.

Wondering if there’s a way out,
I wished I could shout my fears loud.

But afraid of being scorned,
Silently I mourned.

An answer came out of the blue,
With its warmth, my fears flew.

If sorrow wasn’t a part of it,
Is life called an adventure still?

A happy soul I am again,
And content I remain!

If love is all I need,
I have it all indeed!

I’m no more an empty glass,
‘cuz it all came to pass.

If you’re still in that dark,
Don’t worry, It’s just a bit of a lark.

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