Welcome to Flosha’s Corner! Here, the world revolves around Faith, Relationships (Love, Marriage, Parenting) and Life.

Long story short, I became Ruth Singha, but I love to be called Flosha (you’ll figure it out later). I am a surprise-filled, adventure-thrilled soul and full of life. Born in a beach city (keep guessing), I enjoy life as it brings happiness in waves.

I am passionate about love, kids and relationships. Artwork is my favorite hobby apart from painting and day-dreaming, and I love making handmade gifts. Married to a pre-counselor (a term he uses to explain about his work), I have developed a way of communicating, socializing with people and making new friends.

Over the last few years, a desire for writing was brewing inside of me, and here’s the outcome – floshascorner.com. Well, better late than never! Thanks to my husband, Yasha Singha (I used the last three letters of his first name, and tada – Flosha), who encouraged and helped me in setting up and starting this website.

I love writing about my life’s experiences – the little things that I do or come across in life. They might relate to and connect with you as well. 🙂

On a personal level, I am an ardent follower of Jesus Christ, and I constantly keep trying to learn how to be better in my journey of life on this temporary planet (I believe in Heaven).

Hope you enjoy my writings!

That’s not it, I’m starting a CRAFT STORE under the same branding. Stay tuned for the updates…