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I married a stranger, and I fell in love with him

Ours was a typical arranged marriage according to Indian tradition. I should say, it was too old fashioned for a 21st century wedding.

Don’t you think the society would blame them for any unforeseen incident that might happen in the future, just because they gave their consent to get their daughter married to a guy whom they didn’t meet or see? 

Don’t you think the society would feel they were probably in a hurry to get him married away that they didn’t even care to see their soon-to-be daughter-in-law before they made the final decision?

Was the proposal so appealing that my parents didn’t think twice before saying yes?

Was I overqualified for my in-laws to accept me as their daughter-in-law without a face-to-face meeting?

No! No! No! No! It didn’t matter at all.

If it wasn’t for their prayers and the step of faith that our parents took, things would’ve been a lot different now.

Who expected I’d say yes without seeing him or knowing his name and literally knowing nothing about him?

Who thought he would make the same choice?

That individual step of faith we took separately before we became one was a giant leap that took us to where we are today.

Yes, I married a stranger.
But, I fell in love with him.

I fell in love with –

Someone who made talking to a stranger absolutely comfortable, 

Someone whose smile made me be completely honest,

Someone whose eyes lit a spark in my crestfallen heart,

Someone who made me feel a part of him instantly,

Someone who prayed for and made me believe in love at first sight/talk,

Someone whom I could trust without a second thought,

Someone who accepted me just the way I am,

Someone who makes the little things so exciting,

Someone who appreciates all that I do,

Someone who encourages me to pursue my passion,

Someone who makes the roller-coaster ride of life and love a true adventure,

Someone who complements all my weaknesses with his strengths,

Someone who fell down from heaven for me to fulfill the fantasies I had of my chocolate dream boy.

I do not know how the idiom “Marriages are made in heaven” came up, but it surely holds true for me – for us.

I married a stranger,
And I fell in love with him.

P.S: My “No more a stranger” celebrates his 35th birthday today! You can leave some wishes and blessings for him here.

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  • Nisha Thomas

    Happy birthday to the stranger (in line with Flosha’s article😬) in whom I found a brother. ♥️♥️♥️ wish I could tell you’ll how much comfort I got in Hyderabad amidst all the chaos. God writes the best stories! I am so happy that I am a part of you’ll. All my love. ♥️😭🤗

    • Flosha

      Haha. Thank you from the “No more a stranger” brother, for your wishes, Nisha.

      We were so happy to have you with us for those few days. We developed a beautiful bond. ♥️

      God writes the best stories, indeed! Don’t you think our meeting falls in that category too?

      Lots of love!! ♥️😘😘

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