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Episode 3: My Response

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After making a decision for my life, I had inner peace, as I found the answers to my questions and I knew which road to take. But, I was still afraid to make it public.

That morning as I was walking to my workplace, I called up my mum as part of my daily routine. As if she already knew about my decision, she asked me if I received an answer. I bluntly responded – I have a week’s time to respond. It’s been just a day and you’re already asking me for an answer. So, she stayed silent, and didn’t bring up that topic in any of our discussions in the days to follow.

A week passed! I was expecting my parents to ask me about my decision, but they haven’t. So, I thought – They must’ve gotten busy with church activities, and have completely forgotten about this story. I thought, I can hide my decision and stay at peace without bringing it up.

Ten days passed and still no questions. I thought I can forget whatever has happened, as if it was just another bad dream. Crazy me! How can I even think that they would forget about the most important turning point of their daughter’s life?

Just as it appeared to have been sinking into oblivion, I received a phone call from home. To my shock and disbelief, my mum said, they boarded a train and were already on the way to the guy’s home to have formal talks – those elderly talks that happen before any arranged marriage.

It was high time I tell my parents about the decision I made, I thought, and I quickly narrated my encounter with God. I expected my mum to get excited after hearing my decision. But, she only said – Okay! Pray about it. Her reaction disappointed me. I wondered if she was even interested to know about my decision.

Next day morning when they reached their destination, I was again troubled and anxious about what would happen. I still wasn’t ready. The thought of getting married didn’t sink into my mind yet. I needed some more time.

I constantly kept calling up my mum to get the updates.

But, what was happening at the other end – I mean, the guy! Is he going through a similar situation that I was experiencing? Or, does he already know me? What’s happening in his life?

P.S: If you find my story interesting, stay tuned to read “The other side of the story” next week.
Until then, you can keep guessing the guy’s take on this proposal.

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