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Episode 5: How we met?

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Overwrought with the quick turn of events, I was still not ready for the future that is ahead of me. On the other hand, my parents who were happy with the way things turned out, were planning to go home that same evening.

Perturbed at the tone of my voice, my parents changed their plans and decided to come and visit me in the city. They decided to stay at one of my cousin’s place for the next two days. I packed few clothes and went there. I was a little relaxed to see them, but the fear of the future still agitated me. I cried and pleaded for some more time – at least 5 months.

Next day, I went to office and came back to my relatives place in the night. All night I disturbed my mum with questions. On March 20th morning, as I was leaving to work, my mum said – “While coming back in the night, go to your PG and get a nice dress.” I asked – “But, why? We are not going anywhere. And I already got some clothes here to wear at home.” She insisted on getting a nice dress and I kept questioning her. Finally, she responded – “They’re coming to see you tomorrow.”

*Behind the scenes*
Since my parents are in the city, the guy’s family decided to come and see me. The guy was staying in the same city, and my parents didn’t see him too. Also, as an additional bonus, we both have a weekend off. So, why not arrange the formal meeting, so we can meet both the girl and the guy and they can see each other too?

While I was unable to digest what was happening in my life, things were moving at an expeditious pace. I left to work, but couldn’t concentrate on anything. So, I logged out a little early than usual and went to pick a dress from my PG. As I was packing, my roomies asked me where I was going and I told them that my parents are here, and a guy was coming to see me the next day. They started teasing me for keeping it a secret and I responded that I only came to know about it that morning. So, they assured me that everything will be fine and I don’t have to worry as such alliances keep coming and they’ve encountered/witnessed many such incidents. I just have to chill and let it go.

I went back to my relatives place, and my dad gave me his phone with the guy’s bio-data on it saying – Here is your future husband’s profile. I feasted on my mum’s brain the entire night – I didn’t/couldn’t sleep and neither did I allow her to sleep. I had weird questions – How did the guy accept me? How did he say Yes, without even seeing my picture? When there are a lot of beautiful girls out there in the world, how did he accept me without seeing me? Frustrated with my questions, my mum said – You can get all your doubts cleared tomorrow when you talk to him. I irritated her even more with my response – How can you expect me to talk to a stranger? She said it’s okay to talk to a stranger with her permission and now I have her permission. Unable to put up with all my drama, she asked me to sleep and let her sleep.

Soon came the morning light and everybody was eagerly waiting for the meet, except me. I got ready! The tension and anxiety in me built up with every phone call my dad was getting for directions and updates. I had a lump in my throat as I heard my dad saying – They’re here. Coming up in the elevator.

Few minutes later, I could hear footsteps entering the house. I was still hiding inside the bedroom. I wasn’t ready to face him. Unable to wait anymore, the guy’s mum and aunt came inside. His mum gave me a glass of sprite to ease my tension, and his aunt assured me that there’s nothing that I have to worry about because he’s a very cool person.

They accompanied me to the living room, and I greeted everybody with a smile. I took a seat and there he was sitting on the couch, facing me. Our eyes met! We finally saw each other.

P.S: Next week, I would be posting a blog on what happened when we met each other for the first time.

I would be glad to know your thoughts on my story.

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