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Don’t take life for granted

With the rampant ravage caused by Covid-19, the whole world is in turmoil. Whether it has affected us directly or indirectly, each one of our lives have either been altered or completely metamorphosed. 

Who presumed that the whole world would come to a freaking halt?
Who guessed stepping out of the house can fill us with dread?
Who imagined that the very thought of partying would be a nightmare?
Because, we took life for granted and isn’t that how it’s all supposed to be?

“Staying at home” has become the new luxury, during these challenging times – No shopping, No restaurant meals, No partying, No hanging out with friends for an ice-cream, No visiting homes, No nothing which has got to do with stepping out of your own home. 

This has got me thinking… 
Haven’t I taken life for granted? The regular stuff that I’m not grateful for. Here’s what I’ve been missing since the lock-down started –

1) Church fellowship 

Sundays are remarkable. Even though church has come home virtually,  I still miss that atmosphere and the friends.

Few are missing

2) Hanging out with friends

We enjoy each other’s company so much that we forget to take pictures every single time.

2018 – That unforgettable day!
Couple goals

3) Attending weddings

I feel sorry for those whose weddings had to be rescheduled because of the current situation. Hope they’ll soon get to their “Happily Ever After”.

This one is a recent one. Can you believe we’re neighbors (Singhas & Armstrongs) and haven’t seen each other during the whole lock-down? (Yea! We’re being responsible citizens.) 😉

JJ Wedding – Valentines Day 2020

4) Home visits

Cooking together, playing games and having fellowship in one of our church team’s homes once in a while has become a regular activity. But, lock-down has shut down that opportunity too. 

This picture of me cooking – I started and a lot of helping hands popped up, but it didn’t spoil the broth.

Me cooking

5) Friends

Even though we don’t hang out often, we’re assured of their prayers for us and vice-versa. 

At least one picture with this lady, thankfully

Bringing out this family collage, because physical meetings have been delayed after kids. 😛

6) Shopping

Shopping has become one of my stress-busters in recent times. Whether it’s just window shopping, taking our baby out in the stroller or real shopping, I miss going out to the malls.

7) Long drives

A dull and boring day calls for a soothing long drive on the highway.
Our poor old car is groaning in the parking lot longing to go out too, but we can’t help. 🙁

8) Family outings

I’m thankful that we recently went to my hometown and had a good vacation.

Kailash hill, Visakhapatnam

But, the trip to my in-laws has been pending and we’re waiting for the lock-down to soon get over to have a reunion. 

9) Family trip – JUST US

We’ve been looking forward to this long pending trip which we have scheduled almost instantly a month before the lock-down. Alas! It’s rescheduled for now but fingers crossed.

It’s on my list

10) Restaurant outings

Getting dressed up and going out on dinner dates is something I’d love. 

However, I’m making the best of this isolation period. To be honest, I’m thankful for a lot of other things – first and foremost for my husband working from home, for the good health and breath of life, for the friends who gather virtually everyday for a time of prayer, for the time I get to talk/chat with friends who are far, for Liz who gets to see her parents and imitate everything, learning new stuff everyday.

So, “stay at home” is my new comfort zone and I’m enjoying every bit of it, while learning to cherish the regular things and being grateful for all of them.

Do you feel that you’ve taken the regular stuff that life offers for granted? I’d love to know your views, so don’t forget to mention yours in the comments below.

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