Growing in Love

Falling in love is easier than Growing in Love. 
Exchanging vows is easier said than living them out in the growing years. 
Marriage isn’t always plain-sailing. Growing pains are a sign of Team-work.

After 6 years and 2 kids, here’s what I look back to – how we have grown over the years.

We’ve grown –

From “Falling in Love” to “Being in Love”

From “Choosing to Love” to “Sticking in Love”

From “Exchanging Vows” to “Living them out”

From “Being Honest” to “Developing Trust”

From “Building Trust” to “Confiding in each other”

From “Being Romantic” to “Being Tender-hearted”

From “Unrealistic Expectations” to “Changing Perceptions

From “Being Unreasonable” to “Being Affirmative”

From “Arguments” to “Understanding”

From “Insane Talks” to “Rational plans”

From “Hanging out” to “Celebrating Life just the way it is”

From “Euphemisms” to “Appreciations”

From “Being Childish” to “Being Responsible”

From “Silly” to “Sensible”

From “Fanciful” to “Insightful”

From “Sharing Tasks” to “Filling in the gaps”

From “Cherishing Each Other” to “Caring for Each Other”

From “Relishing Each Day” to “Supporting in sickness and in health

From “Admiring and Adoring” to “Sustaining and Assisting”

From ” Being Young and Passionate to “Growing old together with passion”

From “Being Unambitious” to “Making Progressive Plans”

From “Being Kiddiewinks” to “Being Parents

From “Loving Embraces” to “Slouching on the couch Together”

From “Planning date-nights” to “Chilling on the sofa with Lemon Tea”

From “Wrapping in Cuddles” to “Flinging I Love You’s & Love You Too’s across the room”

From “Falling in Love” to “Growing in Love” 

This growing phase is our never ending adventure and I absolutely love every tiny bit of it.
Together, we make a strong team. 

Raising a toast (Lemon juice is my kinda wine) to six amazing years with my wonderful man. Cheers to us! 

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