I’m your wall!

It was mid-morning on a hot Saturday. The bedroom was locked from inside. Only both of them were inside.

She was cranky. He was lazy.
She complained. He listened.
She cried. He sat next to her.
She expected a word, an explanation, a promise, but silence was the only answer.
She couldn’t stop herself from pouring out all her emotions.He remained silent, listening to every word.
She shared all her feelings. He nodded in response, assuring her that he would take care.

In the afternoon –

He got up. Ironed her clothes. Took her to a salon. Then, they went to a park and had a pleasant evening – took pictures and created memories.

She felt loved. At the same time, guilt started kicking in – How could I complain about someone who is so patient and kind?

She apologized. He accepted.

Towards the night –

She asked him how she made him feel that morning. He stayed calm.

She asked him if he felt sad. He said ‘Yes’!

She probed into the details of how she  made him feel, expecting an explanation. He said nothing.

“You’re not a wall to take in all I say and still feel nothing.”, she said.

I’m your wall!” – he responded.

She stared at him – an epitome of love, patience and kindness. Tears of joy filled her eyes.

*Dedicated to the one who has put up with all my pregnancy mood swings and craziness – You are deeply loved and highly respected!*

He is my wall, indeed! He always got my back! He’s my comfort zone – my stress buster.

Do you have a wall into which you can punch and still not get hurt? Who’s your wall?

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