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He is definitely not the one I dreamt of

He is definitely not the one I dreamt of.
I was right when I said my fantasies were fulfilled, but do I still live in the fantasy world?

I was selfish like most girls –
I imagined a guy whose world revolves around me, 
I dreamt of a pure soul whose eyes go blind to the world around us when I’m next to him.
But, he is definitely not the one I dreamt of. 

I got someone who gets on his knees in the middle of a busy road, but not in front of me – definitely not the one I dreamt of. 
I got someone who gets his hands dirty, but not when I ask him to help our neighbour with their weekend gardening project – definitely not the one I dreamt of. 

I want the world to know what kind of a person I got – 
One who is manly enough to protect my world, and not just the one who makes me his world. 
One who cares for the world around me, and not the one who turns a blind eye like I imagined him to be. 
He is more than what I dreamt of!

A sleepless weekend (New Year’s Eve watch night service), followed by a tiring long drive back home and an exam to attend didn’t stop him from attending church. But, being churchy isn’t what makes someone a Christian. 
And, I got someone who shows who a Christian is without telling he’s a Christian.

While a much needed rest temptingly awaited, a red car stopped in front of us. He could’ve ignored or safely assumed they stopped for a reason, since it was a parking lane to the left on a busy shopping street. But, he paused to see – They had a flat tyre. 

He could’ve left so they could figure it out all by themselves, whether it’s self-help or getting help. But, he approached and asked if they had the tools to fix it. 

He still had the option to back off, but he fetched his own tools from our car’s trunk and got on his knees on the insanitary road.

He could’ve lent the tools for a few minutes and monitored while they fixed their own issue, but he did the hard work, uncaring of dirtying his hands. 

He did the job of a mechanic and made sure the wheel was changed and fixed properly. 

He didn’t do it to grab attention, 
Neither to please someone,
Nor to get into someone’s good books. 
He was just being him – a Christian.
And, I got someone who Jesus is proud of. 

P.S: He doesn’t even know I clicked this picture. So, this post is a surprise to him. 

I am a proud wife, and my kids are going to be proud of who their dad is (they’re too young to say that now). 

I have found the one whom my soul loves – not the one I dreamt of.

I’m not done yet –
This post would be unfinished if I didn’t mention Lokesh’s help. 
Going to the gym or being rough and tough doesn’t define a man, but putting that toughness to help someone in need defines a man’s strength.
And, he was manly enough to pull out the stepney from their trunk, and put the flat one back. 
He enjoyed muddying his hands for a good cause. 

These two men – my husband and my brother (not blood-related) didn’t give this family any time to panic or try to understand what happened. It was a smooth fix. They immediately got on their hands and feet to do what they could to put back a family back on their wheels.

That family was kind enough to buy water bottles and tissues to help clean up their dirty hands. 
The sweat was totally worth it to see their smiling faces. They’re still strangers – no phone numbers exchanged, no number plates read, no names known. 

When I wrote appreciation posts on my Instagram page before the year ended, little did I know that I’d be carrying it into the new year. So, here I am making an appearance with an appreciation post as the first blog of this year.

Happy New Year! 

I pray that this article inspires you to be more kind this year. May happiness find its way to you. 

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