Dear Heavenly Father,

I know you are my Creator.
You have done a marvelous job at your artwork.
No other piece is similar to me. You have made me unique.
But (I’m not asking for more beauty),
I pray that you’d help me see the inner beauty, ‘cuz the outer beauty fades away.
Shape my character and attitude to reflect your likeness.

I know you are my Provider.
All that I have I received from you.
You have never failed me, not even once.
But (No trouble! My “but” here doesn’t mean I’m lacking),
I pray that you’d give me the skills to be the best manager of your provision,
To use the resources you have given in the best possible way.

I know you are my Caretaker.
All these years you have protected me.
The very reason for my breath full of life is your divine care.
But (I’m not saying you have failed me),
I pray that you’d give me the strength to take up my responsibility,
To be the best wife to my husband and the best mom to my child(ren).

I know you are my Healer.
All my hurts and pains are soothed and alleviated.
The health I enjoy today is because of your healing power.
But (I’m not doubting your power),
I pray that you’d help me make healthy choices, physically and emotionally,
To overcome my junk cravings and take care of my body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I know you are my Guide.
You took me through the crossroads of life and made them new turning points for fresh beginnings.
But (I’m not questioning your trustworthiness),
I pray that you’d give me the courage to blindly trust in you,
To lean on you for guidance and always believe that your thoughts and ways for me are the best, even when it doesn’t seem so.

I know you are my source of Love.
Your unconditional love helped me get back on track.
If there’s a meaning to my life, it’s only because of your everlasting love.
But (I’m not complaining that I feel unloved),
I pray that you’d pour your mercy and kindness flow through me,
So I can love like Christ loves me unconditionally.

You are my All in All.
E’en though I know who you are to me,
I’m sometimes lost in the situations.
I pray that you’d remind me of your love and faithfulness each day,
So I can become more like you.

In Jesus’ precious name,

P.S: For us, it might just be another random prayer, but for God – every prayer counts and every word matters, to an extent that He can even understand our groaning (wordless expressions).

God knows our every move. But, that doesn’t mean you are taking it to Him in prayer. He is connected always, but are we making it interactive?
Prayer is the most beautiful interactive tool that keeps the connection between God and humans alive. Don’t burn it out with false theories like “If God knows my every move, I’m connected to Him.” Let me get this straight – No, you’re not!

It might sound meaningless or be childish, but your small prayer matters to Him.

Are we caught up in the digital era way too much that we assume we’re praying when we’re actually not? Jesus himself knelt down to pray. What’s stopping you from praying today?

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