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12 Thoughtful Gifts for a new Mom

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Are you visiting a newborn? I’m sure you’d be wondering what to give. The options are endless but nothing seems right – maybe they already have this, maybe this wouldn’t be the right choice, maybe they wouldn’t appreciate this, maybe they wouldn’t need this.

While onesies, babybeds and cute stuff for the baby are gifts which are really appreciated and make the parents fall “Awwww” for them, here are some interesting things you can choose as a gift for the new mommy.

Oh! And don’t forget the new daddy – he deserves some coffee and a drive – top it up with some peace of mind.

Remember, a gift for new parents should satisfy at least one of these two –
1. Relieve stress for them
2. Create some snugly moments with the precious baby

As promised in my previous blog, here are some gifts a new mommy would cherish – 

1. Nursing Pillow

Since nursing a newborn is a repeated activity, a correct posture will help a new mom in the long run. 
A nursing pillow helps her back remain straight, while providing comfort to the newborn.

2. Nursing cover

If she’s like me, this will be of great help – especially while going out. 

With the global pandemic, all a new mom can dream about is going out on a drive. Forget about shopping. 

A nursing cover will help her nurse the baby confidently and boldly, irrespective of place and time.

3. Massage therapy

Since a new mom’s life would be involving hunching and bending over to put the baby to sleep or pick up the baby, a bad back ache is a common issue in new mothers.

Gifting a massage therapy session would ease her pains and give her some relief. 

It also gives her some time away from the baby. 

You can also offer to babysit while she gets a session and send the new dad to go out for a walk or grab a coffee.

Alternatively, you can gift this massage bed.

4. Cooked meal

Not everyone is passionate about cooking. 

I have a friend whose stress buster is cooking, but I’m just the opposite. 

With all the added stress of caring for a newborn, cooking a meal for herself might be the last one on a new mom’s to-do list. So, whatever ready to eat cooked meals you bring in would bring a big smile on her face.

5. A trip to the Spa 

Leaving the baby and going out is a dream come true for most moms. 

Letting her go pamper herself while you babysit is going to rejuvenate her. She’ll come back refreshed. 

A stress free mommy is a baby’s best friend.

6. Foot massage

Tired feet add stress to the whole body. Yet, she wouldn’t think of taking time-out for a foot massage. 

Booking a foot massage session would not just be a stress-reliever but also a quick time-out for her.

Alternatively, you can make a DIY scrub or offer to give her a pedicure, if you’re good at it. 

7. Head massage

A new mom is an ocean of emotions. With all the anxiety of getting things done, she would be a constant mess of worries.

A head massage would put all those tensions at bay and help her calm down or even get a power nap. 

Alternatively, you can gift her this Thermal Head Spa cap.

8. Baby Monitor

Just as she rests her head down, the baby might start squeaking and she has to rush to pick up the baby. 

If the baby monitor is in place, she can relax and see if the baby goes back to sleep after a little tossing and turning or decide if the baby needs her attention right away. 

It’ll help with stress free sleep training too. Knowing her baby is safe keeps her unruffled.

9. Diaper bag

Rummaging through a sack would add extra tension when she can’t find the one tiny thing the baby needs.

A smartly organized diaper bag would save her sanity when she goes out with a baby. 

10. Baby Wrap carrier

If she’s an on the go Mommy, she’ll love this

It’ll wrap the baby in love and help them both snuggle while getting things done. 

11. Waist Belt

A maternity waist belt provides support to the back. Since the ligaments and joints are loosened and delicate after delivery, this waist belt offers a good support while sitting, walking, bending or doing the new regular chores like picking up the baby.

12. Breast Pump

Nursing a newborn doesn’t come easy for everyone. I had my own struggles as I mentioned in this article. Breast pump was my best friend while I navigated through early motherhood.

Whether you choose to breast-feed or formula-feed your baby, you’re doing what’s best for you and your baby. Remember that two decades down the line, nobody is going to ask your child if he/she’s formula-fed or breast-fed in their job interview.

Are you a new mom and looking for specific gifts? Mention it in the comments below and I can add them to the list.

If you’re looking for ideas to treat your best friend, you’ve landed at the right place. Let me know in the comments below if this list has helped you choose the right gift for your BFF. 

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