Luca and Christianity – Movie Takeaway

I know this is too late to be a movie review. But, I’d love to share my thoughts and takeaway from the movie – Luca

To all those who are like me (unlike movie freaks), Luca is an animated movie which is a remix of reality and imagination. 

It might send a totally different message to someone else, but here’s a bit of my perspective – You’d be able to associate yourself with one of the characters in this movie. 

1. You are a new creation

Luca and Alberto have come out from a dark monster world. 
Even though they couldn’t change their physical bodies, they left their old nature because they found something much better – a bright world filled with sunshine.

Just like Luca and Alberto, we come from a sinful world.
But, when we accept Christ, He makes us a new creation. 
This doesn’t mean we’ll undergo physical changes, or there’s going to be a change in our race/ caste/ creed. 
However, it gives us a renewed heart with a change in the perspective of life. It fills us with eternal light, and a promising eternity. 

2. You can’t step on two boats

Luca’s grandmother enjoys the sun-lit world and spends most of her weekends there. Yet, she maintains secrecy about it. She enjoys coming out, but keeps going right back to her monster world.

Like Luca’s grandmother, there’s a certain sect of people who attend church on Sundays just for the sake of hanging out and having fun. Come Monday morning, they go back to their old sinful nature.

3. The truth will set you free

Luca’s parents have their own fears. They’re more comfortable being in their nutshell. Instead of lending a listening ear to the truth of life Luca wants to share with them, they plan to push him down to utter darkness when he doesn’t pay heed to their advice.

Just like Luca’s parents, there are people who are exposed to the truth. Yet, they stick to their own beliefs because of the fear of what people around them might think, or if it’s going to cost their position in society. They turn their backs to the truth and continue living in the dark.

Face your fears and the truth will set you free. Free from the bondage of sin and darkness. 

4. How beautiful are the feet of those who carry good news

Julia is a determined little girl who loves to learn and earn. She’s driven by passion and proves that she’s capable of achieving things. Moreover, she loves to share her knowledge to others and strives to do her best. 

Like Julia, there are passionate Christians who strive to live a good Christian life. They’re kind, helpful and bear the fruit of the Spirit. They don’t miss a chance to spread the love of Christ and be messengers of the good news. 

Which category do you see yourself in? 
It’s time to wake up from the monster world and live a life of faith. 

If you’re like Julia, I thank God for your life and for your ministry.
If you’ve been like Julia and have lost the old passion, it’s time to rededicate yourself for the kingdom’s sake. 

If you’re like Luca & Alberto, May God help you thrive as you take little steps to grow into His likeness.

If you’re like Luca’s grandmother, I pray that you’d boldly come out from the monster world, leave the dual character and live a life pleasing to God. 

If you’re like Luca’s parents, I pray that you’d be open to His call and accept Jesus as your personal Savior. 

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