Appreciating Healthcare Workers
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Appreciating Healthcare Workers

NOTE: This appreciation post is dedicated to all the healthcare workers across the globe, working effortlessly round the clock, risking their lives, prioritizing the need of the hour and extending their services dutifully. If you know someone who is a healthcare worker, please share this article with them and thank them on behalf of Flosha’s Corner.

Dear Health care workers,

Your journey into the healthcare system must’ve started with a burning passion or probably driven by external force. But, what keeps you rooted in the job is your dedication. We truly appreciate it.

During this pandemic, if you’ve still been working in your area of expertise, or if you just stepped into what was your forever dream, it displays your devotion

Your Dedication and Devotion is inspiring

It’s hard to imagine how your day starts or what you feel like when you wake up and get ready to work every day.
Since you’re human too, I’m sure you go through the same feelings as the rest of us do. But, you make a choice to step into the war zone and fight, every single day, no matter what. 

As you enter the hospital surrounded by an air of melancholy with wailing patients and lamenting loved ones, you confidently exhibit calmness whilst hiding away your angst. 

You are just as susceptible as us to depression, when surrounded with all the negativity around. Yet, your gentle attitude establishes a personal connection with every patient. 

You are Warriors and Saviors

Being on the front line,
Stepping into the war zone,
Battling for other people’s lives,
Jeopardizing your own lives,
Putting your family at risk,
All this isn’t easy-breezy.

Yet, you choose to –

Render services amicably,
Treat patients with empathy,
Replace their blues with assurance,
Build trust in those anticipating eyes,
Fill low spirits with hope,
Giving your best to save a life.

Hats off to your commitment!

Hopelessness isn’t an excuse for you to give up on a dying patient. 
Breaking the news of death to their loved ones doesn’t come easy. In spite of that, you pull up enough courage to convey it politely in order to avoid shocking jolts. 

Holding a cold, lifeless body isn’t just another episode of your daily activities. Although you need time to digest the fact, mourn and get over your grief, time doesn’t wait for you. Thank you for picking yourself up and attending to other patients’ needs almost immediately. 

Despite the fact that you hardly find any time to spare during your restless work hours, you shift your focus while sanitizing and replacing gloves, say a quick prayer while performing your duties and show resilience after all the physical and mental trauma you endure, to bounce right back and attend another emergency.

You give your best, no matter what

Risky or not, the whole world of professionals have the option to adopt a Trial-and-Error model to work on their projects. But, you take up the challenge of life with no choice but to give your best at the only chance you get, even when the situation seems uncertain. 

Saying “Thank you” would be an understatement for all that you do. We admire, appreciate and respect you. 

While the world has umpteen stories to show that humanity doesn’t exist anymore, you stand up and prove otherwise – not with words but in action.

Notwithstanding the fact that you’re a mother, father, daughter, son, wife, husband, grandmother, grandfather to your family, you take pride in being called a Health care worker – not because it offers you riches, but because you pour out your heart into what you do, thereby pouring life into us.

We take a pledge to make life easy for you

We pledge to stay home – to flatten the curve, to contain the virus and to stop the spread. We’re so thankful for all that you do. God bless you and protect your families. We extend our prayers for you.

Here are some appreciation notes from people all over the world. Hope they encourage you –

I have a sister (who always dreamt of becoming a nurse since she was a child) and a brother-in-law who are Healthcare workers, with 2 toddlers and 3 adults aged 50+ at home. They go to work everyday, jeopardizing their lives and putting their family at risk. But, nothing stops them from attending to their patients – not even this pandemic. – Flosha

Here’s what I made for their anniversary, to appreciate them for all their services during this global pandemic.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, and incredible sacrifice during this difficult time. You are important and valued. – Madhuri

Even knowing that it’s dangerous for them and their family, they are still working risking everything. – Nikshith

God bless you all. – Lokesh

God’s masterpieces. – Savan

Warriors. – Sandeep

Health carers, you are doing a great job. Take care of yourself too. May God give you extra strength and grace to your families as well. – Amita

Thank you, health care workers. You are the evidence that not all heroes wear capes. Instead, they wear PPE kits now. – Melchi

You are our Saviors. – Anonymous

Thank you for being conduits of blessing. – Anonymous

Thank you for saving lives, even though it means risking yours. – Anonymous

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