The Nightmare (Episode – 2)

NOTE: This is in continuation to a previous blog – Episode-1

With a pounding heart and an uncontrollable mind, I turned to my right and looked up to see someone flashing a torch light. In the flashing beam of the light, all I could see was the rage of agitated waves.

I was getting restless. I gathered courage and decided to step into the waves as that person flashed the torch light. With great struggle, I dragged myself carefully, carrying my backpack – only God knows if the laptop was fine. To hell with the laptop, let me survive first, I thought. My steps became heavy as I started walking.

It was then I realized I was lost (How mind plays a game when you’re trapped! – it just stops working.) Where was I going? Which turn should I take to reach home? All the apartments in sight seemed like the ones in my neighborhood. Damn! I kept walking straight. There was a small general store and the store owner was the only person sitting inside with a tiny melted candle lit on his desk. I went and stood under the shade outside the store

Shivering, but trying not to panic
Fearful, but trying to be courageous
Feeling lost, yet trying to find a way…

I took out my mobile and called up my husband. I knew he would answer but I was too impatient to wait and as it kept ringing, I was pleading in my head – pick up, please pick up, please answer my call but there was no response. I called up again, and again and again, only to hear the message – “The person you’re trying to call is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” He always picks my calls. Was he stuck somewhere in the rain, just like me?

Frightened to stand alone in the dark, Scared to ask for directions (as it might land me in a bigger trouble), I was praying and hoping he’d pick my call, but – Alas! My phone’s battery was draining – it might go dead any time now. I wondered if there’s anything else that can go wrong before the day ends.

The unstoppable rain
The power cut
The deserted lane
The lost way
The unanswered calls
The battery drained mobile
And what more was in store for me?

All hope was lost! Before my mobile went dead, I decided to turn on the GPS and find my way home. Fortunately, it was just a 2 minute walk. It relieved me a bit, and I headed in that direction. It took me around 12 minutes to walk through the flooded road

As soon as I reached the apartment, I first checked if my husband’s bike was in the parking lot, and it was very much there, which means he was home. Now, why didn’t he pick my call? It was still raining and there was no power. So, I had to take the stairs. I knocked the door. Everything was silent – calm and peaceful – no response.

Scary thoughts filled my mind as I turned on the flashlight in my mobile and walked in, calling “Baby…baby…baby” to which I received no response. By then, I could feel my heart beat in my throat, finding it hard to swallow or speak.

Am I walking towards a more frightening experience?
I entered the bedroom – he was lying on the bed. Anxiously, gripped with fear, I called him. I turned red. In that dark silence, I shook him hard. I woke him up from his peaceful sleep! He opened his eyes and smiled. That heavenly smile which welcomed me home every day, irked me today. I was scared to death, and he gives me a smile as if nothing has happened? In that instant, I threw my mobile and started bawling – dirty water still dripping down my raincoat, messing up the floor. I had no more strength in me to retell the horrifying episode I experienced a moment ago. I couldn’t stop crying. I was panic-stricken.

I mustered strength and told him that I had to leave my bike and come home walking. And, he hardly understood the intensity of my situation. I was out of words to explain – it was too terrific.

He asked me where I had to leave my bike, and I explained. He looked at me and asked – “At the Tombs?” I was petrified.

I had no idea that the dark empty space on my left was the Tombs – a place where the dead are buried. It took me few hours to come out of that shock. A little while later, pouring turned into drizzle, and we (my husband and I) went to bring back the bike. I started pointing at the landmarks I created whilst doing my best to suppress every negative vibe attached to it. Power returned, street lights on, and people started strolling through the streets. It’s a different ball game altogether when light serves its purpose.

It was a live horror movie. But, I’m glad I came out of the tomb – Alive!

*This incident happened in 2017 – A true story*

PC: Vinay

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