The Nightmare (A true story)

Episode - 1 

It was a pleasant day at work!

We were sitting in the cafeteria, enjoying an evening break – giggling, munching hot snacks and looking through the big glass windows, enjoying the unexpected rain. 

Isn’t life full of unexpected things? – Sweet surprises and profound shocks.

Because of the heavy downpour, the roads were blocked and the traffic was stationary. So, we had to stay back for 2 long hours before we could go home. When the skies cleared up and traffic moved, I wore my rain coat, pulled my bike from the parking lot and headed home. It’s a 30-minute ride from work. The first 20 minute ride was a smooth one – the roads were clear, not much traffic and luckily no rain.

As it started raining cats and dogs,
The roads began to flood.
In the eagerness to rush home,
I was drenched in the rain.

Riding carefully to avoid any potholes, I was less than a kilometer away from home when the engine stopped and my bike didn’t move any further. It didn’t start and the water level kept increasing, now reaching my knee-level. I couldn’t even move to pull my bike. I was stuck in the middle of the road. There was one kind guy who helped me pull my bike aside, and said “You can use the other lane which is not very flooded.”

Should I call him kind – after the events that followed?
Or, should I call this an adventure – after what happened?

I took 2 turns and my bike stopped again. This time, it was a deserted lane with one street light illuminating the entire street, and the water level reached above my knees. To add on to the already scary scene, the power went off. The only street light which kept me from getting scared has now darkened the entire street. I tried starting my bike – it refused to. I was looking to my right and left, front and back but there was not a person in sight. There were two apartments on my right and a big wall with dark empty space on my left. I wanted to seek shelter in one of the apartments and walked towards it, but the darkness threatened me.

Millions of scary thoughts filled my head as I walked towards it – only to turn back thrice. All the horror news stories which I read in the social media came alive – What if there was a bad guy? What if there was a group of evil people, waiting to take advantage of the situation? The “What If’s” kept coming. Overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, I was encouraging my soul to take courage.

Dreading the dark,
Overwhelmed with fear,
Frantically looking for a way-out,
I tried to stay calm and take courage.

The rain didn’t stop. The deserted roads were flooding even more and I decided to leave my bike and walk away – away from the evil of the darkness. I tried to take a few steps but the swift current of the flooding waves from the empty space on my left made it impossible for me to walk and cross over.

All of a sudden, there was a moving light flashing on the waves, and I looked around – there was no trace of vehicle, neither could I find any person.

Was it a ghost? Was someone hiding, trying to scare and harm me?

With a pounding heart… I looked up!

P.S: From where do you think the light was coming and what happened next? Keep guessing, as you wait for the next episode, which I’ll be posting in a week’s time.

PC: Vinay


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