Types of Online Shoppers

12 Types of Online Shoppers

Transition to a Digital World 

The pandemic has revolutionized the way the world works. There has been a dramatic shift in every area all over the map. With most of the population relying on the internet, our planet has accelerated towards a digital world. 

E-commerce Boom

Most of the businesses are forced to strategize their plans to virtually satisfy their customers, retain their loyal clients and attract more. 

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries globally, and the numbers are only continuing to grow, as per the statistical predictions.

Irrespective of age, sex and demographics, online shopping has become the primary way to shop. 

The whole hassle of getting dressed up, pulling out the car from the garage/booking a cab, scanning through the aisles and waiting in a queue for a trial and then in the checkout queue, heading over to a drive in or a restaurant to grab a quick bite post-shopping has been replaced by the click of a button.

Online Shoppers

While the trend of online shopping has become massive undoubtedly, the online shoppers can be typically categorized depending on their shopping behavior.

1. Window Walkers 

These are the people who love to go window shopping. 

Checking attires gives them satisfaction, sometimes to an extent that they feel it’s an added collection to their wardrobe. When it comes to online shopping, these type of online shoppers stroll through their mobiles, I mean, scroll.

These add zero revenue to the retailers.

2. Pleasure Wanderers

Even though these are similar to Window Walkers, they make affordable shopping if something really interests them and fits their budget without adding stress to their wallet.

These are unpredictable and wander from store to store, with little to no guarantee of returning to a specific shop, after purchasing a product.

3. Thumb Rotators

These are people who are stuck to their phones and tired of getting bored. 

Just like there’s nothing new in the fridge no matter how many times you check, there’s nothing new on their social media to catch up with. So, they go on to shopping apps to pass time. 

Scrolling through the products, they think of reasons to buy something. 

In the process, if they come across amazing reviews, they’re not just likely to buy a product but also promote it in their close circle.

Reviews have a great impact on an e-commerce platform.

4. Trial Room Seekers

These are people who’d love to try on everything before making a purchase. Since it’s not a feasible option anymore, they order few to many items, but seemingly end up returning most of them. 

Thanks to free delivery & free pick-up, without which e-commerce websites find it hard to attract customers. 

5. Wish Listers

These are people who want to compare prices before buying something. So, they fill up their wishlist.

Some of them end up in the next two categories – fill up their buckets and wait for deals or search for coupons.

To turn them into potential buyers, all you have to do is send them a coupon and Boom! The retailer makes a sale.

6. Heel Kickers

This type of online shoppers are very picky and cannot choose anything quickly. Their quest is on for something that they don’t specifically know, and dislike what they come across. 

7. Coupon Code Hunters

These are people who love to search the web engines for legitimate coupons

Acquiring items at best prices is what makes them happy.

8. Deal Grabbers

Whenever they find a deal, these online shoppers make immediate plans to spend money, even if it’s not budgeted. 

They think “Money saved is money earned”. So, they calculate how much they’re saving on a product instead of calculating how much they’re spending on it.

9. Sale Lingerers

What distinguishes these online shoppers from the previous category is that they are ready with a budget and wait for the sale period, instead of rushing for it.

Slow and steady wins the race, and Patience is the key is their motto.

Even if an item goes out of stock, they’ll be happy to wait patiently to get the best deals.

Their shopping phase goes into hibernation until the next sale season.

10. Brand Loyals

These shoppers are the ones who keep returning to a store. They look for trust. Price doesn’t matter to them, quality does. And when they like the quality, they are loyal to that brand.

Offering a membership to these people will help retailers retain their most trusted customers.

11. Feature Finders

These shoppers are tech savvy people who check for benefits and features. They compare prices and features. Even though they have a fixed budget, they don’t mind spending more when they find fascinating features. Sometimes, they end up splurging as they’re driven by the extra-ordinary specifications.

12. Need Based Shoppers

These shoppers enter a platform with an agenda, place an order and leave the site.
They’re neither distracted nor can they be lured with any kind of offers or advertisements. 

Which category do you fall under? I’d love to hear your responses. Isn’t this a fun way to see how funny our shopping behaviors are? 😂

If there’s another sect of people I’ve missed, add it in the comments below. 

Happy Shopping, online shoppers. 
Describe what kind of an online shopper your friend is, in the comment section below, and share this post with them. Keep the fun going.

Disclaimer: This post has birthed out of my imagination when I placed an Un-successful order and missed the sale period. My brain went roaming on what kind of online shoppers exist – why/how/what goes in the back of their brain when they choose to shop. 

This post might contain affiliate links. If you buy something through my links, I’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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