Angry Birds and Faith Lessons

During our regular hangouts, one of our friends shared about how he expected God to speak to him. I was taken aback when he said that he opened the Bible randomly to point a finger at a verse and see what God wants to tell. 

While I don’t deny the fact that there were times when God spoke to people that way, it hit me hard and I kept pondering over that thought. Have we gone from “following a reading pattern” to “finding an uncomplicated way” to get over with our religious duties for the day? 

Social Media and God

I’ve heard people telling me they use social media because, once in a while they’re blessed to see a random Bible verse pop up on their homepage. Great! But, does it countermand all the other stuff on the same social media that whiles away our time? 

I’m not trying to be old-fashioned. Things have changed and I gladly accept them. My only question with respect to change is – How are we using it to get creative in finding God?

Over all my exhaustive thoughts, Angry Birds movie took me back to the basics.

1) Pass it on to the next generation

Joel 1:3

The angry birds grew up with songs and tales that helped them learn about Mighty Eagle’s amazing adventures and heroism. They never saw him, but only heard from their older generations about his mighty acts.

We haven’t seen God or experienced the miracles recorded in the Bible. But, we grew up learning them to an extent that we believe in the power of the Almighty which gives us endless hope.

Isn’t it time to pass on those learning to our next generation too? How else would they know? (Let’s not break the chain)

2) Search for the truth

The baby angry birds go in search of Mighty Eagle to get help. Despite the struggle, they reach the Lake of Wisdom, which overlooks the cave of Mighty Eagle.

Many times when we are in distress, we turn to God. But, are we searching for him in the right place? Psalm 121

3) Don’t trust blindly

When the pigs came over to the Bird Island, the birds were so naive that they blindly trusted their enemies who came peacefully in the name of friendship. This made it easy for the pigs to trap the eggs and deceive the birds.

Our adversary, the devil, is always on the lookout, watching for naive and innocent people, waiting to devour them. 
If he came as a demon in a dark attire, it would be easy for us to walk away from his evil trap. So, he comes across as someone who can be trusted.

So, be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

4) Fight your battles

The little angry birds didn’t give up. They fought for their families and their kingdom, even though there seemed to be no hope.

Are we sitting and waiting for a miracle to happen?
Are we so caught up in the struggles that we decided to forgo the power of God in us?

Buckle up! Get, set, go!
Just as the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves –
God can move mountains, but He needs you to have faith of a mustard seed.
God divided the Red sea, but He needed Moses to lift his rod in obedience.
God fought the battle for Joshua, but He needed Moses to lift up His hands to heaven in submission.
God sees your pain, but He needs you to ask for deliverance.

Just take the first step of humility or obedience or faith or whatever it takes to please God, in faith, and He will take care of the rest. He only needs you take a first step.

5) He is a defender of good

Mighty Eagle comes just in time to save the Angry birds from the pigs. He waited for them to act and then stepped in to help.

God doesn’t leave us to get stuck or sink in a bog. He shows up at the right time – His time, and He’s never too late. He fights our battles. 

Just because He still didn’t make a move, it doesn’t mean you should wait. Do what it takes for God to move. 
He’s always got your back. 

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