Letter to my Daughter
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A Letter To My Daughter

“Let it go” is a song from the animated film “Frozen”. The song portrays the featured character Queen Elsa elucidating her power – the power of letting her true self out, when she couldn’t withhold it inside her anymore.

This song hinted about the hidden power we all have inside us. It’s time to wake up and let it go. 
Let it go – go and make wonders.

Wondering what your hidden power is? “Let it go” in itself is the greatest power. 

While Elsa sings about letting her inner strengths go and make a difference, this letter focuses on letting go things which don’t help us in any way.

It took me more than a quarter century to realize my hidden power, and I wish my daughter doesn’t have to wait so long. 
So, here’s a letter based on my learning and experiences, to use her powerful inner strength “Let it go” and let it go.

Dear Daughter,

I cannot promise you that I would shut you off from the dark and scary world, but I promise that I’ll teach you how to face it head-on.

1. If people criticize the way you look, they’re disparaging neither me nor you, but the one who created you. 
Here’s what your Maker says – “You are carved in my image. You are wonderfully and fearfully made.”
If you can’t hold yourself from proving that point to your criticizers, here’s my suggestion for you (again from the Scriptures) – “Vengeance is mine, I will repay it, says the Lord your God.”
So, I’m guessing you know what to do now – Just let it go! Let it go!
Stand strong in your faith.

2. The world seems to be full of monsters,
But there are faithful people too, like your dad.
The world may seem cruel,
But there are loving people too, like your mom.
The world may have guilty accusers,
But there are responsible people too, like your grandparents.
Surrounded by such caring people, I’m sure you’d understand the true values of life.
Don’t let the evil overpower the good you see around – Just let it go! Let it go!
Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.

3. You might face hatred, rejection and failure. 
But, what’s the fun in life without a little adventure?
Jump up and make them the stepping stones for your next success, instead of brooding over the lost battles.
Don’t let those little worries gobble you up. They don’t define you, unless you fail to get up, shake off the dust and move on – Just let it go! Let it go!
See failures as adventures.

4. No matter how you carry yourself, people (most of them) will have their own perceptions, and make judgments. 
But, that doesn’t determine your way of life.
Satisfaction comes from within. Don’t live your life impressing others. 
If you don’t receive constructive feedback, don’t be annoyed – Just let it go! Let it go!
Be humble and modest.

5. Death is inevitable. You can’t postpone it with lies. 
If speaking the truth scares you to death, I want you to know that lying adds no meaning to life. Infact, it leads to guilt, shame and broken relationships.
As far as possible, stand up for the truth and don’t let the consequences weaken you – Just let it go! Let it go!
Be truthful and honest.

You’re a warrior. Don’t forget to fight your battles on your knees! 
You’re powerful! Don’t let the world hinder you from using your super power – Let it go, girl! Let it go!!

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