Break Down!

Mark chapter 2 – Part-2

Almost six months after how God spoke to me through Part-1, which I shared with you all last week, He showed me yet another revelation from the same scripture – Mark chapter 2, on 15th July 2017. Isn’t it true that God teaches numerous lessons from the same scripture? His word is new every morning.

Back to the passage –

The owner of the house let people break into his house. By allowing his house to be broken down, he became a channel to bring healing into a sick man’s life.

Jesus himself underwent this process and set an example for us. He allowed Himself to be broken down on the cruel cross of Calvary, so you and I can be saved from hellfire and eternal damnation.

A physical human-built house when broken down → brought healing to a sick man, and salvation to those who witnessed it.

A physical fleshly body (Jesus) when given to be broken down → brought salvation to all mankind, thereby a hope for an eternal life

Your brokenness → ___________ (can bring healing to someone who’s hurting)

Now, how can you give yourself to be broken down? – It might be going through a painful situation or a hurtful process, yet – standing firm in your faith and uplifting others.

Taking up your cross doesn’t mean carrying a wooden cross on your shoulder – Well! It doesn’t mean wearing a cross as a piece of jewelry either. It means giving up on your desires, sacrificing yourself and allowing yourself to be broken down, even to the point of losing yourself completely so you can be united with the saviour.

He will refine and purify you as silver. Malachi 3:3

As you choose to go through this painful refining process, you will learn how to break down yourself.

Do you want to be a brave heart or a superhero and bring healing into someone’s life? – Give yourself to be broken down!

This experience isn’t yours if you have never received what Jesus has to offer you – SALVATION. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, our body becomes the house of God, according to 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

If you have already taken up the challenge of STANDING STILL, would you think twice to BREAK YOURSELF DOWN?

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