Stand Still…

Mark chapter 2 – Part-1

Have you ever imagined yourself in someone’s shoes?

It occurred to me on 21st January 2017, when I was reading through the scripture from Mark chapter 2. I’m sure most of you know this story where Jesus was in the house and four men let a paraplegic down the rooftop. While the direct take-away from the story is the happy ending and the miraculous healing that Jesus brought into the sick man, did you ever stop for a second and think about the owner of the house?

Maybe, the owner of the house invited Jesus for a time of food and fellowship. Or, maybe, he was expecting a blessing – over his life or family or house or whatever! But, I’m sure, he was definitely not expecting someone to break into his house – Certainly not when Jesus was inside!

I wonder how he must’ve felt when someone broke open his rooftop. But, imagine yourself – You got a brand new villa and you invited a special guest for lunch. You’re busy showing off the new place, explaining the intricate designs & details. All of a sudden, you hear creaking sounds from the top. And before you go out to see what’s happening, there’s a bright light coming in from the big hole that has just been created on your rooftop. And THUD! Someone jumped into your house – How would you react? (P.S: Appreciate your responses)

Back to our story –

Reading through the passage, I can see that there was no disturbance (which means the owner didn’t complain) – the sick man was let down, Jesus healed him and everybody marveled at the miracle they just witnessed.

My new take-away from this portion is putting myself in this house owner’s shoes, who stood still – witnessing the wonderful miracle that has happened in his house, instead of complaining about the perishable stuff.

My personal thoughts – We all have a house: A HEART. Yes! A heart house inside us. We all have experienced hurt and pain, sorrow and sickness, rejection and failure, defeat and plague. While the struggles are inevitable, how we handle them is what makes a difference. When you invite Jesus into your heart house, there is tranquility betwixt scuffle and scrimmage. All you have to do is – STAND STILL through the skirmish wars of your life!

God does not promise a storm-free life. Rather, He promises to make us storm-proof! – Nick Vujicic

Exodus 14:13 says – Stand Still, and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you.

Are you ready to take up this challenge with me today to STAND STILL?

Prayer – Jesus, I invite you into my heart house. Thank you for the peace that you have promised, amidst innumerable struggles. I believe that when You are in, there cannot be any destruction, even though there’s a storm. Help me to cling on to You.  You are my All in All. I surrender my all to you. I will Stand Still. Show me your salvation. I love you! Amen.

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