My Curls

Chubby cheeks, Dimple chin
Rosy lips, Teeth within
Curly hair ….

What? Wait! Curly hair? Is that what they’re describing as beautiful to those tiny tots growing up? Wow! What a wrong idea I’ve got about that curly hair all these years. I learnt this rhyme as a kid and still remember it, but I completely ignored the meaning!

How I hated my messy hair! I always wished for a smooth, silky, straight hair. How much ever I try to brush those curls, tie them in a bun to make them straight; they all go back in waves when I let them down. Who would be patient enough to untangle those twisted threads every single time? I treated them so badly.

During my schooling, when I was brushing my hair and mumbling over the mess; my brother said – “If God gave you curly hair, He knew it would look good on you!” Ah! What a philosophy, I thought to myself and ignored him.

The hairs of my head go twirly-whirly-whool, twirly-whirly-whool, twirly-whirly-whool
They curl up in waves going swirl, swirl, swirl
All upon my head!

Ha-ha! I was going back to my childhood days. Well, that was just an episode.

I used a hair-straightener to get that perfect look I always dreamt of. I got a lovely layered hair-cut to add beauty to my dull wavy hair, but the joy it brought lasted only for a moment. After the wash, it only spoiled my hair even more. I had to live with it. And the only thing I could do to be happy is to fall in love with that originality, but how can I fall in love with something that I never liked? Guess, it’s possible, ‘cuz I really fell in love with those dull wavy messy tangles.

Now, when I look back and think of how rude I was to my swishy wools, it saddens me that I hadn’t treated them well. Better late than never! I now realize the worth of those swirly-twirly, tingly-tangly, ouncy-bouncy waves – how they add beauty to my face, and volume to my hair!

Wondering how I changed my perspective? Continue reading, for the testimonials –

  • One day as I was getting ready, having a tough time taming my hair, I complained to my husband – “Why do I have these messy tangles? It is so difficult to even brush my hair properly”. He responded very sweetly – “I always imagined my girl with curls falling down her neck, flowing down her shoulders and ‘Lo! – I got you!’” How beautiful he made me feel!
  • I always wondered looking at the creative hairstyles of African ladies if it’s their real hair or a wig or a hair extension. On our first anniversary trip to Malaysia, one of the ladies in the shopping mall stopped and asked – “I love your curls, Is that your real hair”? I was shocked and taken aback for a moment! That was something I’ve never heard, and it still surprises me. I’ve never expected people to look at my hair and think it’s too good to be real. That was indeed a big compliment!
  • When we went to one of our friend’s place, and oh! She had smooth silky hair – the one that I absolutely loved. She said to me – “I’m planning to get a hair-do with curls like yours”. I smiled and took that as another compliment.
  • We went to the beach with a bunch of friends and had a gala time – splashing water at each other, jumping and dancing in the waves. After few hours of the morning beach time, we all came back for lunch. Thanks to the sun and air, it helped us dry ourselves before we hit the beach again. One of the girls walked up to me and said – “When did you go and get your curls done? It looks lovely”. Now, I’m convinced I’m blessed with those lovely curls.

What more do I need to hear to fall in love with that one thing which brings beauty, and many people wish they had?

Love Originality! Treat it good and it only keeps adding more beauty!

So, here’s to all the curly haired people –

Fall in love with those ouncy-bouncy waves

And it adds beauty to your face!

Thanks to the people who shared their lovely curly pictures –

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