how fair is God

How fair is God?

Jesus walked away when He heard about the death of John the Baptist, his cousin. He wanted to be alone – probably that was His way of dealing with grief – I assume, because He withdrew Himself for lone prayer time, when He was in deep agony before His crucifixion too.

In another instance, He traveled all the way to Bethany, even though it was a risky journey with a possible threat, to raise Lazarus up from the dead.

How fair was it for Jesus to walk away from His cousin’s mortal remains, when He could perform a miracle and bring John back to life?

Do you think He got His priorities right when He gave more importance to the life of a dear friend than a close family member?

Would you call it faithfulness when someone neglects the very person who prepared the way for Him?

Would you call it empathy when someone goes to an extent of bringing out a stinking dead body which has been buried for Four long days?

Before giving in to all these unending speculative theories, I reminded myself of this one thing that I know for sure – Jesus can never be wrong! His thoughts and plans are higher – way beyond our imagination. 

Then, why did He do what He did? 

Our human mind cannot fathom His purposes, but here’s what the Holy Spirit of God revealed to me when I broke my head over these misguided questions –

1. John the Baptist was qualified for Heaven – because the Bible says, He’s going to be the least in the kingdom of heaven. At least, he’s got his ticket to eternity.
Lazarus was never to be seen around when his lovely sisters were engrossed in Jesus’ teachings and became His faithful followers. Maybe, Jesus wanted to give him another chance.

2. If Jesus raised John the Baptist to life again, there’s little hope that people around would believe in the true living God – because the Bible tells us how Herod thinks Jesus was John the Baptist who must’ve raised from the dead. Yet, there’s no change in his behavior. 
When Jesus brought back Lazarus to life, many people believed in Him. 

When one sinner repents and turns to God, there’s rejoicing in heaven. And when there’s an opportunity for many to come to the saving grace of Christ, why withhold heaven from having a celebration? 

We may not understand the deep mysteries behind the intentions of God, but we can be sure of one thing – He never does anything wrong and we can always safely trust in Him. His deeds are virtuous and His promises are never-failing. He is fair! He’s a good God – All the time!

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