“S”he was caught! What about you?

I’m sure we all know this story of the lady who was caught. Caught red-handed! 

Was she stealing? No!
Was she committing a murder? No!

Did she commit a crime? Yes!
Was it illegal? Yes!

Was she alone? No!

Too many questions? Well, well, well… I’m heading to the question for which I do not have an answer.

If she was caught “in the act” which involved another person, why was she caught alone? Where did the other person go? 

For those of you who do not have the faintest idea of what you’re reading, let me get it off my chest. This lady was caught in the “act of adultery”. It wasn’t a rape, so I agree she was very much at fault. Both of them consented to indulge in the act, which makes them equally guilty (to be fair!). So then, where was the He-man in the picture? Did he escape? Or, was “S”he the only one targeted?

She must’ve been filled with guilt and shame when she was hauled over the coals by all her accusers. Guilty because she knew she made a mistake. Ashamed because it was made public. 

Being caught in the act must’ve given her no time to cover herself. Nowhere to go, she hung her head in shame as she stood there naked. I can’t imagine how awfully terrible she must’ve felt. 

Hold your breath! I’m not trying to accuse anyone here. Neither am I trying to be a feminist. I’m trying to drive my point to us – Humans! 

We’re corrupt and we all join hands to make the world an unjust place to live in. 
We’re partial and we don’t care to listen to the other side of the story.
We’re biased and we are all too quick to judge and come to conclusions.

I’m deeply awed by Jesus’s modus operandi. If I were to be in His place, I would certainly react in a nano-second. But, Jesus waited silently and patiently. And the most prudent part of His reaction is – He didn’t take too long to forgive.
Lesson Learnt – Always question yourself WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) before reacting.

Have you even wondered why the Creator of the world who has every right to judge choose to forgive?
Because He loves His creation (He loves us).
Because He knows we are mere humans and we fail.
Because He craves for us to be a part of His Kingdom – Heaven! 

How long will His forgiveness last? Is it okay for us to keep falling and failing and keep expecting Him to forgive? 

If you’re looking for a direct answer to this question, It’s a “No”. But, I won’t leave you without an explanation.

Jesus came as an advocate and He’s fighting on our behalf. He’ll keep forgiving as long as His role is still an attorney.
But, but, but… He’s soon going to get a promotion. Don’t you think He deserves a promotion? Of course, Yes!

As soon as He gets promoted to the Judge role, He’ll no longer fight for you. That means, He’ll no longer forgive. That’s going to be the Judgement Day. The final justice would be declared. 

Then, if you’re still found to be guilty, I’m sorry to say that there’s no more a chance for forgiveness.

You might be a male or a female but I’m sure you must’ve faced injustice too, like how “S”he who has been caught was treated unfairly. Even though each situation is different, we’ve all faced injustice.

No matter what the world says or how it treats you, don’t you fret about it! 
Ask Jesus for forgiveness. It’s free! All you have to do is “Ask”, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. 
Extend grace to yourself. Let go off the guilt and shame. Allow healing to happen.
Extended forgiveness, even when you think the other person doesn’t deserve it.

The Big Day is soon arriving and you’ll find justice for eternity.

She was caught in the act. Maybe, He got a chance to run away.
But on that final day, there’s no hiding.

What about you!? Are you ready to escape the wrath of the Judge? Are you going to be an Overcomer? #askyourself

The Judge’s decision is going to be final! No more questions!

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