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Mum’s Delicacy – My Signature Dish

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As a child, I always threw tantrums at the dining table but one dish I always loved and enjoyed was the rasam (Indian soup) my mum used to prepare. I loved pouring it in a tumbler and drinking it. And oh! How can I forget that yummy sambar with fried chicken toppings in my lunch box? That tiny box made its way all around the class before it reached me.

She’s a wonderful cook. I feel sad now that I didn’t appreciate her back then, because I thought all the mothers prepare yummy food and that’s a part of their job description. I thought all the outside food tastes the same too, and my mom is no wonder woman. Realization kicked in later!

Even though I am not a foodie, I perfectly enjoyed the home-made delicacies. But, it never came to my mind that I have to acquire some of her skills. Soon, there came a day when I had to leave home to pursue my career. Little did I know that I was going to miss my mum’s dishes. Paying guest accommodation gave me privacy, but it only made me feel lonely. Until I moved away from home, I didn’t know chicken is a special dish to be served only on Sundays.

Days quickly flew into years, and I got married. Now, here’s the biggest problem – How do I cook? I didn’t even know how to cook dal. Cooking was always an alien to me. So, every time I walked into the kitchen, I called up my mum to ask for recipes. She patiently gave me the procedures in detail. Pretty soon, I picked it up and my husband always loved my dishes – Well, he still does! He loves my mom’s cooking too and whenever we go home or she comes for a visit, his diet plan goes for a toss. Funny-but-true! It was an achievement for me when he said – “You got your mum’s hand at cooking”.

How can I ignore learning that special rasam I always enjoyed as a kid? Unlike me, my husband isn’t a great fan of rasam. It was quite obvious – how could I expect him to like rasam when he never tasted my mum’s special yummy rasam? After having it, he started enjoying this new flavor. He drinks it in a tumbler like I used to, especially when he has a sore throat or feels he might catch a cold – and this not-only-yummy, but-also-medicinal rasam works wonders and gives instant relief!

Believe it or not – it became one of my signature dishes, as people started asking me the recipe for rasam. Forget about chicken, Rasam has become one of the special dishes for all time.

One night, we had an unexpected visit by a couple and it was dinner time. So, I asked them what they’d like to eat, planning to order food from outside as I wasn’t expecting them for dinner. She said, she has a cold and doesn’t feel like eating anything. I immediately made rasam which was the easiest to make. While it was in the making, the flavor itself eased her throat and she perfectly enjoyed it, and felt an instant relief from cold, after having it.

Last year, I was making rasam when our friends came home and I offered it as a drink. They really loved it and wanted to carry it home, so their mum can taste it too. I gave it to them in a tumbler. Few months later, when aunty was sick, we went to see her and pray for her. As we were leaving, she asked me to send some rasam when I prepare it next. I told her that I’ll prepare it the same night and send it to her. The next day, our friend called us up and said – “I’m so sorry for asking you, but mum really liked your rasam. She was not eating anything for the last few days and I felt really happy when she asked me to serve more rice with rasam. Can you please make it today evening too?” Isn’t that awesome? I said, Sure! Why not? And I gave them rasam the next day too. I felt overjoyed, to know that someone who’s sick and doesn’t feel like eating at all, enjoys feasting on my simple dishes.

Thank you Ma, for all those yummy home-made dishes, flavored with love. I do not know from where you’ve acquired your talent, but I got it from you. Your delicacy became my signature dish and I owe my signature dish to you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

P.S: Dedicating this article to my dear mum on Mother’s Day.

Click here to find the recipe of this special rasam. 🙂

How would you like to appreciate your mum this Mother’s Day?

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