My Precious Husband

You dug into the depths
of my heart,
Made me realize
the real ME hidden inside myself.

You peered through the tangles
of my mind,
Showed me
how unreal was my fear

You untangle the woven mazes
of my thoughts,
Fill in me a new
Sense of hope

You appreciate
Beauty beyond Appearance,
Teaching me with Brilliance
The true Values of life

You challenge me
with thought provoking questions,
Broadening my horizons

You encourage me
to be a greater human being

You trust me
making me all the more
Faithful to you

You ease my pain,
and e’en though
it’s not all gone,
you hug me tight
whilst my cries

You make the journey brighter
and my love for you keeps growing

I don’t want to thank you for a reason
I want to tell you how blessed I am.

I’m thankful for no reason
and I don’t need one
‘cuz I have you – The best part of my life!

You are My Love Story!

Dedicated to my dear husband on our Wedding Anniversary. Three years down… Forever to go!

Loads of Love!

PC: Harrison
Boquet making: Jaswanth
Makeup: Jean

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