Greatest gift of all time

The Greatest Gift of all time!

All is bright and cheerful.

The cold winter breeze carries with it the joy of Christmas and spreads it around, filling each heart with an aura of excitement. The chilly, foggy weather in itself evokes nostalgia of all the glorious memories way back from childhood.

Decorating the house, shopping with family, baking cakes and cookies, waking up on Christmas morning to find gifts under the tree – we all have some unique family moments etched in our hearts. 

It’s that time of the year again – the season of love, joy and peace. Not just that! It’s the season of gifting too. 

Wrapping gifts in anticipation of a surprised look or a gleeful face, expecting surprises and waiting to open gifts is the best part, isn’t it? Come on! Who doesn’t like gifts? We all do! And isn’t this the perfect season to give and to receive? 

The fun of gifting isn’t just confined to the four walls that we call home. It’s just not limited to families, but finds its way to schools and workplaces too. Who remembers playing Secret Santa? 

Talking about gifts, I know we’re all excited, but… 

Can you imagine spending this season all alone without anybody to share a meal with? 

Can you imagine walking down a cold lonely road? Does the winter breeze still bring back the nostalgia of all those good old memories?

Isn’t it hard to envisage those dull and depressing moments? 

But, there’s someone out there who needs you – just to hold a hand and walk down a difficult road, just to have a shoulder to cry on and vent their hurts, just to accompany them for a meal. 

Gifts don’t always come wrapped, but it doesn’t mean they don’t re-ignite the spark of excitement.
Give someone the gift of time.

Can you imagine being broke and not being able to return a gift to your loved one?

Isn’t it hard to not feel guilty about not being able to afford something precious and valuable to gift back?

But, if you’re someone who has received a not-so-precious, not-so-valuable gift – be thankful that someone cares enough to gift you something out of their brokenness.

Gifts don’t always come wrapped in glitter and gold. But, it doesn’t mean they don’t come from a heart full of love and gratitude.

Let me tell you about the greatest gift of all time, and the greatest gift which is still made available to all –

It wasn’t wrapped in glitter and glam. Instead, it came wrapped in shabby rags. (Seriously!?)
It wasn’t placed under a beautifully decorated tree. Instead, it was placed in a shitty, stinky place, all covered in hay. (Literally!)
It wasn’t given to an affluent family. Instead, it was given to a carpenter and his wife. (True story!)

But, it was a surprise indeed. 
You don’t have to be rich to win this surprise.

It didn’t spread cheer to the Ruler of the land. In fact, it invoked anger and jealousy. (For real!)
It didn’t bring joy to the people around. In fact, it resulted in a massive killing of infants. (Not a joke!)

But, it came with a purpose.
The dark season that is overwhelming to you right now doesn’t have to stop you from receiving this blessing.

It didn’t reveal its true power until it was taken away. (Unbelievable!)
What gift is this which isn’t valued until it’s lost?
With its death came life – Life immortal. (Complicated!)

This is the Truth!

The gift which came wrapped in shabby rags was Jesus Christ. 
The massive killing was to wipe away his existence, but the plan didn’t succeed.
Thirty three and a half years of his lifetime couldn’t give us what his death could.
And that is the ultimate gift. 

If it’s His death which is the greatest gift, why are we celebrating His birth?
It’s simple! Without His birth, there wouldn’t be death. And the only purpose of His birth is His death – to die for all mankind and redeem them from sin. Not just that. He died so that we can have life everlasting.

His death poured life in us. That’s the only reason we celebrate this day – a celebration of the greatest gift of all time!

Merry Christmas!

Seasons Greetings from our little family
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