The Ugly Frog – DIY

No, the frog wasn’t born with a defect. It was beautiful and just perfect. 
No, it is not alive, but it was born (created) for a purpose. 
No, it’s not a kooky creature, either.
What is it?

To subside the curiosity of all my lovely readers, it’s a cute brown smiley frog platter. Yeah, just a platter.

Oops! Did I just kill your enthusiasm to continue reading? 

I know frogs don’t make it to the top ten (or even hundred) list of the most lovable pets/creatures. And I’ve never met a person who loves frogs, except for the poor little prince, in the fairytale, who had no choice but to marry an ugly frog, which later transformed into a beautiful princess. Lucky him!

Unfortunately, this is not a fairytale. But who knows real life might turn out to be more interesting!?

My peculiar frog comes with a smashing story. It was just an ordinary platter until it caught my attention, as I was strolling (err…I mean scrolling) through the online store. Here’s a picture of my adorable Ms.Frog. 

The Frog Platter

She was just perfect, and I immediately knew I could turn her into a beautiful princess. But, Alas! She was imprisoned for 14 months in my over-stashed craft store (a tiny cupboard which holds all my craft related stuff). 

On the day of her release, I meticulously started executing my predetermined plan. It was a tough fight. He was strong-headed (dry and hard), but full of wit – willing to adapt herself to change. Ain’t women extra beautiful when they’re flexible? 😉

It was decided to be one of the main attractions of the living room, in whosoever’s house it’s going to live in. I set to work with my artistic tools – Mr.Hammer, Ms.Pliers and their babies (Nails!). By now, you must’ve read my idea. Yes, I decided to make a unique string art – you nailed it!

But, I haven’t finished nailing it yet, when the unexpected happened. No, the frog didn’t come alive. Instead, it died a tragic death. Can you believe the frog broke in half, as I almost finished the nailing and was just getting excited about the stringing!? I almost gave up on him at this point. 

The only reason we decided to stick with each other was the bond we developed over time. And that didn’t let me give up on her – not yet at least! I sent her along with my husband to a nearby wood workshop to get her fixed. The workshop guy did a not-so-decent job. I had no other choice but to pay the price and get my ugly frog back.

With a disappointed heart, I finished nailing her. Even though I initially decided to leave her just as she came, like Eve. But, I changed my mind because I had to cover the scars somehow. So, I painted her in brown, but it only made her worse.

The interesting part of weaving was not so exciting because I was worried about the end result. It felt as if the whole purpose of my hard-work was going down the drain. Was I unnecessarily wasting away more time on it? I just couldn’t give up at this point.

Although I had the liberty to choose the colors as per my own flavours, I bent on my husband’s decision. And for all obvious reasons, it didn’t appease me. However, she was still my artwork and I had to love her – I’m not just forced to love her but I love her because she has a story and that story changed the whole perspective.

The scars on her face were so obvious, and I turned to one of my art groups for help. Someone suggested decorating her disfigured face with flowers. And, Tada! The ugly frog turned into a beautiful princess. She’s adorned herself, beautifully decked with flowers, waiting for her “Handsome Prince” to turn up, and take her in for a “Happily Ever After”.

The eligible Bachelorette

If you believe you are that special someone to promote my darling Miss to Mrs., send me a message right away to place an order. 
Size: 24 x 24 cm
Price: 2000 INR

Moral of the Story:
Just like the Frog, we are all broken at some point in our lives. In our struggle to achieve things, hard-work to find success, we fail a lot of times. We feel ugly and lost. But, is that the end? Unfortunately, many people give up.
But, let me tell you something. It’s not the end yet. There’s hope! Yes, there is. No, I’m not kidding.
Let Prince Charming (Jesus Christ) take over your life. I can assure you that He’s going to adorn you and deck you with precious things. The end result is going to be far from your imagination and it’s going to be amazing!

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