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A five-year old’s shocking response to his teacher

Sunday is the best day of the week, with a lot of people to hang around with – can’t miss the fun and fellowship we share. I look forward to the best day of every week. And, the best time on a Sunday comes when I am surrounded by the five-and-six- year old kids – Sunday school time.

Just like every other Sunday, we all sat around a table, exchanged smiles and hellos. These tiny tots share their weekly happenings before we get started with our session. Their stories include some regular fights with friends, some peculiar and funny ones and some interesting ones too. But, they always love to share them with passion, irrespective of the content.
And when it’s my turn to share a story, it’s a task to keep them engaged for that half an hour.

This particular Sunday was a little different. Everything was calm, and I thought my story telling would be a smooth ride without too many distractions.

As soon as I started speaking, they listened to me very intently, except for a little one who was lost in his thoughts. I was observing this child from one corner of my eye, as I continued to keep all the others engaged with the lesson.

A few minutes into the story; he got up from his seat, walked around the table, and came up to me. And, I was thinking he might want to use the washroom or drink water, but he gently said – “You know what!?
I turned to him, looked into his eyes, waited for him to answer the very question he asked. I was expecting him to tell something that happened during that week, which he probably missed to share in the beginning of our session.

In a very flat tone he said – “MY DAD DIED!

I was dumb struck, and my mind started frantically searching for words to respond. I couldn’t believe it. Did I just hear him say what he said? I didn’t know anything about his family – except for the fact that he comes along with his mum every Sunday.

As I was struggling to digest what I’ve just heard, groping for words, he continued in his now mellowed down voice – “BUT, HE’S IN A NICE PLACE!
I couldn’t respond. I went numb! How could someone take the loss of a closed one so positively – especially the death of a dad, the only best friend he knew as a child?

As I kept staring into his eyes, trying to hide my shock and disappointment, he asked me – “YOU KNOW WHY HE DIED!?
I didn’t have the courage to ask, but he continued – “TO SEND ME MORE BLESSINGS!
My eyes welled up with tears as I heard that five-year old speak words of wisdom.
I gathered courage and asked him – “Did your momma teach you this?
He said – “No, my dad taught me.”

My thoughts were disturbed. I asked him to take his seat and said we shall talk to momma after the session. I continued with the story, but I was waiting to meet this child’s mom, even though I was clueless about what I was going to talk with her.

After the session, I met his mom and said – “I’m so sorry to hear. I didn’t know that his dad is no more.
She responded – “Yes, Ruth. It has been a year now. He suffered from cancer and passed away. He’s no more.

What an impact this dying dad left on his growing child! He knew he was going to die, and he knew he can’t see his child growing up. But, he made the best use of the little time he had in this world, by building a strong foundation for his child.

This little one loves his dad so much, and believes his dad went to a nice place – only to send him more blessings.

I’m sure he will grow up with that same love in his heart – the same love which he can’t see anymore, but can carry everywhere he goes.

Life is a shadow – that passes away
In a moment, the candle light wavers
And flickers off
But, Love remains for a lifetime
Etching an everlasting mark
That does not fade away.

I respect this dad, who deposited LOVE in his little boy’s bank (heart) – a treasure which nobody can steal away – a treasure for an entire lifetime!

I am a grown-up, who cannot bear the loss of a loved one. If I were to stand in those tiny shoes, I would’ve questioned God or fought with Him, but this little child taught me a lesson for a life-time.

God is good, All the time!
All the time, God is Good!

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