Crossroads of Life

Episode 4: The other side of the story

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Frustrated with the failed alliances he had seen so far, he had little hope in the one coming his way now.

The first job he always did when he received a proposal was to get set to work on his mystery hunt – Google/Facebook/Instagram/whatever’s available – all thanks to social networking!

Unfortunately, when he heard about my proposal, his test run failed – for the first time. He had to find new ways to hunt, but to no avail. He couldn’t find me anywhere on the social networking sites – see, I wasn’t a very social person – Ha-ha! With all the efforts he put in, he could track down to my dad’s Facebook profile, which clearly had nothing much that could help him. He found this hunt interesting out of all the ones he previously dealt with.

Not knowing much about me – Well! Knowing nothing at all, I should say, except for my name and my family name, he was puzzled – Not even a picture to see before giving it a thought of taking it forward.

Leaving behind all the confusion, he clearly knew what he disliked and never wanted in his life. His life partner should NOT 1) be from Andhra 2) be from Chennai and 3) belong to a Pastoral family.
And, here’s the interesting part –
Being an Andhrite, and with my ancestral roots from Chennai and my grand-parents and parents being pastors, I ticked all the check-buttons.

What a clear description to say an upfront NO! With his likes and dislikes at the back of his brain, he still didn’t give much of a thought into the proposal.

March 18th was a casual and busy day at work for him, when he received a phone call from his mum. She told him that my parents came and they just had a formal talk. Before he even realized where this discussion was going, she asked him if he wanted to talk to my dad. And even before he wanted to say Wait! No! My dad hello-ed from the other end.

He was least expecting this conversation and was not at all prepared for it. It came as a shocking surprise! He managed to start off with – “Hello uncle, how are you?”

He had no intention to carry the conversation any further, nor did he know what response to give to my dad, if he asks something. He just went with the flow.

Unaware of what he was saying, he continued – “Uncle, I haven’t met/seen your daughter yet, but I’m ready to get married to her even without seeing her picture.” They ended the phone call and both the parties at home were happy and satisfied – my parents trip was a successful one and his family was happy to finally find a suitable match for him without much struggle.

After hanging up, he started wondering – “Did I just say what I said? How did I even say that? Where am I taking this?

Our families at home were relaxed and happy to hear a YES from both of us without even seeing each other – not even a picture. And, MATCH FIXED – a perfectly arranged Indian traditional custom! Wow!

But, are we both really happy about it? Are we going to take this forward? What’s in store for us?

P.S: Next week, I would be posting a blog on how we met each other for the first time.

I’d appreciate your thoughts on my story.

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