Crossroads of Life

Episode 7: My fantasies come true!

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I always told my friends that I would find my “Chocolate Boy” someday, who’d play guitar for me and take me on long drives. They loved listening to my fantasies, but made fun of me that if I should really find a Chocolate Boy, he oughta fall down from heaven. I habitually responded, “he would definitely fall from heaven for me”. And here I was – looking at my dream come true – My Chocolate Boy. I instinctively told him that he is my Chocolate Boy and I can call him Choxy. To add more intensity to my excitement, the first gift I got from him was a chocolate box – I still treasure that box in my cupboard.

It was my everlasting desire to have a sweet name for myself, which can be formed from the first few letters of my name and the last few letters of my Choxy’s name. And Lo! That’s how I became Flosha! I penned down my new name “Flosha Singha” on a tissue, proudly declaring it to him. Oh, he loved it!

Soon as I received the sari they got for me, I exclaimed – “I love Blue!!” Oops… Don’t you think I was getting a little too much excited? I quickly got myself under control. They asked me to wear the sari and come, but I refused. But..but..but, when he asked me to wear it, I agreed straightaway. With some help, I swiftly got dressed up in my new attire. He admired me in the sari, and I relished that feeling of being loved – words can’t explain.

Deep into our conversation, he said, “Oh! We forgot to exchange our phone numbers.” I have no idea what was going on in my head, and I said – “So soon?” He was surprised at my response but respected my decision. How sweet! Concernedly he asked me, “But, how do we stay connected?” “Okay, give me your e-mail id,” I said. Without a second thought he shared his e-mail id and it was instantly registered in my head. I wanted to wait till Monday but couldn’t stop myself from shooting my first e-mail on Sunday. With that, we ended up exchanging 100+ e-mails, late into the night. He couldn’t wait to share his number – so, before dozing off, he sent his number in one of the e-mails.

It was Monday morning, and I had yet another surprise for him. My brother came all the way to congratulate me and share my happiness. We worked out a plan. I called him up from my brother’s phone and he exclaimed – Oh! Finally, you decided to share your number. And I said, “Not yet! this is my brother’s number. I just wanted to check if we can catch up today.” He immediately agreed and we met in Barista for our first unofficial meet. My brother and I were waiting and he made his appearance with a lovely bouquet, containing red roses, which are still treasured. We talked for a while and he teased me – “if you don’t give your number now, I know how to get it”. Without much drama, I took his mobile and saved my number as “Love” – that’s how he wanted to save my contact, as per our endless e-mail conversations.

We had two long months for our wedding, and we went out on breakfast dates, shopping dates, introduced our friends to each other and we made such good memories – I can live each day again.

Those two months passed very quickly and we got hitched. We exchanged our marriage vows and our “Happily Ever After” began.

Today I’m so glad I made the right choice, by listening to His voice and obeying Him. I have no regrets about the decision I made four years back. I am a blessed person! And, you too can be, if you choose to listen to His voice and obey Him.

P.S: This is the end of the series “Crossroads of life”. If you want to read the full season in brief, you can read my blog “Life Story? Love Story?

If your fantasies came true, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear your fantasies.

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  • AngelJoanna

    We thank God for this beautiful plan and design of marriage for your lives.

    And we specially praise God for the sweetest and purest gift of Joy this year – Liz baby who has added more meaning and life to you.

    Thank you for making us be a part of your journey 🙂

    Love and regards,
    Praveen, Angel and Elijah

    • Flosha

      Thank you so much for the sweet words, akka.😘

      Yes, God has been so gracious and faithful. I’m in awe of all His blessings.😇

      Thank you for all your prayers and being a part of our journey.

      Lots of love to you, Praveen Anna and lil Jamie 😍

  • Savan

    Marriages are made in Heaven. I don’t know how much is that true but your Choxy’s definitely fell from Heaven and made that statement true.

    Even in this serious conversation between you both the way you asked Anna’s mail Id 🤣🤣🤣 that’s highlight of this episode.

    I think, when Liz read this story of her mum and dad she will definitely be overwhelming.

    • Flosha

      Aww. Thank you, Savan for the affirmative words. 😊

      Haha. I know the exchanging contacts part is funny 😛

      I’d love to see my baby girl’s reactions when she knows our love story. And, I pray and wish she’ll take it as an example.

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