A Daughter’s Heart Touching Letter to Dad

Dear Daddy,

You’ve been my inspiration!

You –
Never looked for praises,
Never boasted,
Never gave a thought to your own dreams,
Never shared your wants,
Were always silent on all your worries.

You’ve been a firm foundation,
Through all the storms of your life.

You stood strong,
Not because you cannot cry,
But because you wanted us to grow strong.
You fought back your tears,
To wipe away ours.

When people around you let you down,
You took the courage to hold on to the faith,
Through His amazing grace!

There were a lot of times, when people talked ill about you,
You could strike them back,
You bore it all in silence.
You had occasions and reasons to hurt them back,
But, you’ve forgiven them with a Christ-like heart.
And you still love them.

When the whole world stood against you,
You didn’t give up!
You stood alone, against all the odds of life.

When the people who you thought were your own, turned their back on you,
You leaned on the Almighty!

I know it broke your heart,
When your own family has let you down.
You drew the strength by going down on your knees.

You stood for the truth!
Never have I heard you lie about something.

There was never a word of curse in your mouth.
You walk the talk!

Even in the darkest days of your life,
You welcomed everything with a smile.
You’ve got a good sense of humor.

As an infant, I don’t remember the trouble I gave you.
But, you had the patience to carry me and take me for a walk in the night,
After a long and tiresome day.

As I grew up, I very well remember the tough times you went through.
You didn’t care for your own health.
Instead, carried me in your arms, to the nearest hospital almost every day
You consulted many doctors, in spite of your busy schedules, just to see me normal, healthy and strong.

You supported and strengthened me at all points of my life.
I could rely on you for every single thing.
You spoke words of comfort, when I was down.
You shared my grief with empathy, even though you had lot more things to worry about.

My patience, my strength and courage – I owe it all to you.
With that belief you had in me, you are a part of my achievements.

You’ve encouraged me in times of sorrow and despair.
Your faith helped me to climb up the spiritual ladder.

In spite of all that you’ve done, I’ve let you down many a times.
You lovingly forgave me, counseled me and taught me what’s right and best for my future.

Your love-drenched discipline helped me develop a matured responsibility for my way of life.

You took all the burden for my life.
You’ve put me again in safe-hands, by gifting me the best half of my life, who takes care of me just like you did.

I always wanted to make you proud.

Today, I am a strong girl
Not because I’m your daughter
Because you’re my dad!

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