A Letter to my Long Lost Friend

Dear Tinny,

I still remember you, and the after-school walks to our respective homes.
I still remember you holding your grandpa’s hand and walking down the road, while I walked with my grandma (and, she remembers you too).
I still remember you as a cute little chubby girl with your hair tied up in two tiny pigtails.

I don’t remember having conversations with you, but you have been my first friend at school – my only friend in Kindergarten.
I don’t know if it’s your pet name or real name and I was too small then to know how to spell it right – Tini/Tiny/Tinni/Tinny.
All we did was smile at each other and wave goodbyes every evening when I reached my house and you continued walking towards yours.

I missed you for a very long time and I still miss you.
I don’t know if the world we live in is a small one to find you now.
I do not know you very well, but you are my friend and that’s what really matters.

I think of you quite often.
Whenever I see the group picture of our class, I look at your face and recollect those old memories – those innocent smiles and after-school walks & goodbyes.

We may or may not cross our paths again, but I cherish our innocent friendship and wish the best for you.
I’m not sure if you would bump into this letter, but this is my tiny attempt to find you in this wide world.
Lots of love!


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