letter to mom

A letter to Mom

Dear Maa,

When I wrote a letter to dad after I got married, I waited for the right time to write one for you. I looked forward to becoming a Mom myself, to understand you better – the love you shared, the sacrifices you made and the responsibilities you took up.

Motherhood is an ocean

Now that the right time has come, I should admit that motherhood is beyond my imagination. It’s an ocean.

The deeper I dive, 
The more I thrive. 
The farther I go, 
The more I know. 

This letter describes what makes my mom extraordinary

While all the mothers in the world do their best, here’s what makes you stand out from the rest –

Getting married as a teenager,
You forced yourself to give up on your education.
Even though you were given an option to advance in your career,
You traded it to raise up a family.

Thank you for making your family the priority of your life, thereby setting an example.

Coming from a nuclear family, 
You adapted yourself to the joint household,
Including a large church, which made the family huge.
You spent most of your lively hours in the kitchen.

Having enjoyed the perks of being treated as a queen in your maternal house,
You gave it all up to respect your new family.
Thank you for pretending that you forgot all those pampered maiden moments to be the madam of the house.

Becoming a mom as a teenager,
You survived the roughs of pregnancy,
Working away like a normal woman until the day you delivered.

Staying silent in your fears,
Fighting your battles on your knees,
You stood strong, supporting your family.

Thank you for teaching me what it takes to raise a daughter. I’m busy raising two now, with the hope of enjoying my reward as they grow up into beautiful young women, a few decades down the line.

Thank you for mothering your grandchildren too, at every opportunity you get.

Spending time at home with you around is a vacation mode for me – you take up the entire responsibility on you – handling both kitchen & kids. 

Hats off for being the best version of a mom I can ever have!

I love you, Maa.

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