Little Things go a Long Way…

Tossing on the bed that night, I was trying to find a comfortable position to relax. It was 8:30 P.M., when the doorbell rang. We were about to retire for the day and weren’t expecting anybody home. Thinking it might be the watchman or a neighbor, I was relaxing, while my husband went to see who was at the door. In just a few seconds, he called me out. I asked who it was but got no response.

I came out to find a stranger at the door with a beautiful bouquet. I was perplexed! I asked my husband who it was and he himself was taken by surprise to respond to my question. The stranger smiled and asked for some water. Before I could understand what was happening, he asked both of us to pose for a picture holding the goodies he brought. All he said was that he came to deliver it on behalf of someone and had to send them a picture for confirmation. We posed for a picture, thanked him and he left.

Letters, Flowers, Chocolates… who doesn’t like to receive them? I quickly read the letter and was very much surprised – it was totally unexpected. In fact, it was the first time I received anything as such. The letter was signed Angel, Praveen and Jamie – a sweet family in Christ, whom we love dearly. I can count on my fingertips how many times we met in the last few years of knowing them, but we can always rely on their unending prayers for us.

Letters, Flowers and Chocolates
Treasured, Dried and Digested
But, the Love, Joy and Memories
Unending, Boundless and Treasured!

The letter goes like this –

I was overjoyed. While I was least expecting wishes for the new journey that is ahead, I couldn’t believe someone sent me such pleasant wishes along with an appreciation note on my writings. I couldn’t find words to thank them for the love and the sweet gesture.

So, here’s a thank you note from the bottom of my heart to the adorable family –

More than all the goodies, I’m happy to be blessed with such lovely friends who care for us, think about us and pray for us. God bless your family! I’m sure I will remember this loveliest surprise for a lifetime. It came at the right time.

Isn’t it true that little things go a long way? Have you ever received a surprise so sweet and encouraging?

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