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Three steps to kick Covid-19 and break the chain

Our planet which usually doesn’t take a moment to pause and relax but keeps spinning round the clock, has abruptly come to a dead stop in its tracks. 

Is this the end?

The pandemic Covid-19 has virally shaken the whole wide world. The residents of our beautiful planet who were absolutely fine just yesterday are either sick in an isolation ward or locked down in quarantine. 

What’s happening?

The hustle and bustle of life has come to a halt. Busy roads have been deserted. Restaurants, shops, offices and businesses have closed their doors shut. Stock markets have hit the biggest loss ever and sensex has gone down terribly. 

With borders sealed, transportation stopped, flights cancelled and railways suspended, people who are away from families are stuck in foreign lands.

Whom should we blame?

While many families who have lost their loved ones didn’t even get a chance to say a final goodbye, there are many others who are notorious for trolling memes on the internet..

While the doctors and nurses are putting their own lives at risk and working round the clock to save the sick, there are people who have been shamelessly and recklessly roaming around. 

While the police are trying hard to control the citizens and ensure their safety, there are people who are constantly trying to disobey the law.

What’s going to happen? 
Where are we heading to?
Is there a cure? 
Is there hope?
The questions are endless, but do we have answers?

We’ve seen enough! 
We’ve heard enough!
It’s time to fight this battle together. And to fight, we need your help – Yes, YOURS! This is what YOU can do to help fight this war –


The Bible commands us to respect our government and higher authorities. Romans 13: 1-5
You are responsible!
The government is working for our advantage. They are stressed enough already. So, please stick to the new law enforcement and help them, thereby saving yourself from punishment.


We as a world, together, have heaped up all our sins and built a huge wall, which has served its purpose of hiding us all from God’s grace.
Let us break that wall by asking Him for forgiveness.
The Bible says, if we turn back to Him, seek His face and humble ourselves, He is kind enough to extend grace and restore health to our land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Here’s an encouraging episode from the Old Testament to boost up our faith –

2 Kings 2:19-22.
The men of Jericho approach prophet Elisha regarding the situation of their land. Everything was good, but one thing made the entire land difficult to survive – The water was bad and polluted.
Isn’t water a source of life and a basic essential? It made the land infertile and barren.
Then, this is what Elisha did – He asked for a new cruse, took salt in it and poured it in the main source stream, and Tada!! The waters were healed, to this day.

* Please take note of those words in bold in the above paragraph.

How can we relate this to our current situation? Here are three simple steps we can follow to kick out Covid-19 and break the chain –


We’ve become infertile in our prayers. Only God can make us new. In Christ Jesus, we are a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). 
Let us ask Him to make us anew afresh.
If you feel rusty, broken or out of shape, all you have to do is approach Him with a willing heart, ask for forgiveness and He will make you new right away.


We are called to be the salt of this world. Matthew 5:13
Let us season ourselves with the word of God and add taste to life.


Let us go to the main source stream to pour out ourselves. God is our source of life. He alone can heal our land and completely get rid of this sickness that’s prevailing.

As fellow believers across the world, let us come together in oneness of Spirit. Let us offer our humble hearts and pour out prayers for our land. 

I’m fulfilling my responsibility! 
Are you?

Would you join with me today in praying for our one and only planet Earth?

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