life is a roller coaster

Life is a roller-coaster

Hey there! I’m back after a vacation and up on my roller-coaster again. February was a whole month of celebrations and relaxations, and I’ve come back refreshed and rejuvenated, with fresh thoughts of life.

Jumping right in to life –

Who enjoys a monotonous routine? Not many I know. A new job might seem exciting in the beginning, but the excitement dwindles down with time. 

Who likes challenges? Not many I know. A tricky task might simulate impulses and activate the brain, but a series of it might trigger anxiety and restlessness.

Which one is better? Regularity of life or a challenging one? All of us have our own opinions, but there’s no option. Life is a package – a mixture of all kinds.

This package doesn’t work like the mobile networks with definite data for a fixed amount. It varies for each individual, depending on a lot of factors – including the choices we make.

1. Life is too short to choose misery over contentment.

Sometimes happiness comes in leaps and bounds, but we never know when sorrow would take over everything.
Sometimes we’re on Cloud Nine, but does it mean we’re going to stay there forever?
There’s no choice! Life isn’t always happy-go-lucky. It’s a combination of joy and pain. 
Here’s a tip – Circumstances don’t leave a choice, but the way we react to them is absolutely under our control. 

2. Life is too short to be resentful.

There are times when we’re surrounded by friends, but who knows if they’re going to stick with us forever?
There are times when we are supported by everyone, but who knows if they’re going to remain trustworthy?
Life still happens! It’s a journey of straight roads and cross paths.
Here’s a tip – Be grateful for all those without whom your days wouldn’t have been bright and memorable.

3. Life is too short to mourn over regrets.

Sometimes taking tough decisions can create conflict, but it doesn’t mean people are bound to agree with us always.
Sometimes the choices we make impact relationships, but it doesn’t always mean we should ignore the gap.
Life still goes on! It’s a balance of relationships and goals.
Here’s a tip – Get your priorities right.

4. Life is too short to get stuck in a rut.

There are times when it’s hard to swallow the lump in our throat and breathe in, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the last breath.
There are times when you can’t stop waiting for the night to come and then wait for the next day to dawn, but it doesn’t mean darkness has pinned down it’s curtain on you.
Here’s a tip – Count your blessings. It’ll build up your faith and keep your hope alive.

Situations might go outta control,
Circumstances might seem odd,
Make Life happen anyway – it’s a choice, an everyday choice.
In short – If life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade.

If you’re alive and kicking, remember that you’re on a roller-coaster. You can either close your eyes & frown and scream, or throw your hands up in the air, turn that frown upside down and let the adrenaline rush take over.

I chose the latter. And that’s me in the picture below, with my legs high up in the air. Cheers to life!

Cheers to Life - a roller-coaster ride

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