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Born with the Gift of Giving

Pregnancy has been a smooth ride, except for the weight gain and the big tummy, which gave me a back-ache, made me waddle while I walked and kept me awake while I tried to sleep. Through all the changes that a pregnant woman’s body goes through, who doesn’t love to be pampered? I perfectly enjoyed all the pampering, love and care from my husband, family and friends.

While I was blaming my pregnancy hormones for all the mood swings and crazy feelings, whom should I blame for keeping me busy in the last trimester? Don’t you think it should be the pregnancy hormones again? Well, the credit goes to the pregnancy hormones! And, who’s driving all these pregnancy hormones? – The baby, of course!

The countdown started – I was waiting eagerly to see and hold the baby in my arms. Two more months to go! Time to think of setting up the nursery, baby needs and life after the baby. But, the only thought I had on my mind was to gift something to those who pampered me – a creative gift to be remembered.

These lovely people showered their love and blessings on me and the baby to come, expecting nothing in return. Don’t you think it would add more excitement when the baby arrives with gifts? So, I was all set to work – We went and bought some wood. I started sanding the cut pieces and it took me hours to finish sanding them as I already had approximately hundred people on my list. Then, I painted them in lovely bright colors – how I enjoyed it! Nailing them was a tough job, but the end picture that I had in mind kept me going and I loved all the work that I did. Then came the weaving (I used silk threads) part – don’t they look beautiful? Lovely hearts! It was worth all the effort, and every minute I spent working on them.

This whole project kept me busy and away from boredom. I totally enjoyed making them.

So, here’s to everyone who showered their love – A piece of love from our tiny bundle of joy, born with a heart of giving.

It’s a Pinky!
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