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Episode 6: Jab we met!

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We exchanged smiles. I was sitting beside my mum, and kept pinching her leg while she managed to put up a smile and stay focused on the impromptu event.

His aunt sitting beside him was encouraging him to talk to me. So, he asked me where I was working. She still kept forcing him to talk to me or ask questions. And, he asked me a question, which made me even more nervous. Everybody was around – my parents and uncle, his family and relatives. And he asked me – “Did you like me?” I didn’t know what to say and I tilted my head 90 degrees and 180 degrees and nodded up and down and left and right, which left him confused. Well, to break the ice, he added – “If you ask me the same question, I’m ready to get married to you tomorrow itself.” Thank heavens! I didn’t understand that statement when he said it, else my head would have rotated 360 degrees this time.

While the elders were having their talks, my dad asked him to come and sit beside me so I can be comfortable talking. That’s where it started. He was sweet in making sure nobody was forcing me into this proposal and wanted to know if I was comfortable with it. I was honest in telling him that I was not really up for it, until I prayed about it and had peace. He liked my honesty and was impressed with my answer. As we kept talking, I fell in love with him. If someone asks me – “Do you believe in love at first sight?” I can respond, “Yes! That’s what happened to me – Love at first talk”. In fact, we both fell head over heels in love with each other.
He said, “I don’t have a Bible verse to prove my decision, but before I came here to meet you, I said a small prayer and asked God to make us fall in love in the first five minutes if this is His will for my life. And, I can see that my prayer is answered.”
Isn’t that sweet? How God answers tiny prayers and fulfills weird fantasies!

Soon, all the elders went inside for another discussion and they left us in the living room. We had lunch together and talked endlessly without any interruption. Slowly, they all came outside and announced the wedding date. I can’t forget his first reaction to it. He turned to me, looked into my eyes, asked me – Is May 22nd okay with you? And, I nodded my head in acceptance.

Jab we met – we fell in love!

The love story doesn’t end here. Falling in love is an everyday story for me now. I keep falling in love again and again, every time with the same person.
When God gifted me with a spouse, He gifted me with a lifetime package of love, friendship, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, forgiveness, optimism, and the list goes on…

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