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Baby Shower – The Family Surprise

There shall be showers of blessing
This is the promise of Love…

As I was waiting for the promised one – the promise of Love, I was already showered with lots of blessings. All thanks to the lovely bunch of people in my life, who pampered me and did their best to prepare me for the days ahead.

It was March and it was the month of Love. The whole world may celebrate their Love month in February, but I found the love of my life and experienced Love in March. So, March has become the ‘Love Month’ for me. If you haven’t already read my blog on My Love Story, you can read it here.


To add more to the celebration of Love, these sweet people have planned the loveliest surprise. And, my darling husband managed it so well, to keep it a surprise.

Into the last trimester, I was having random mood swings and crankiness. To relieve me from all the stress I was going through, my darling husband tidied up the entire house sparkling clean, while I was taking rest. He offered to take me to the salon to get a hair-do, so I can feel pampered. He’s my stress-buster! Unlike all the other days, he also picked a dress for me to wear.

*** While I got dressed up, he secretly left our spare home keys with our neighbors and took me out. ***

We got a bit delayed at the salon, but he didn’t rush. He was patient enough to halt for a drink of coconut water too, on our way back home. He wanted me to open the door to get a surprise kick, but was too sensitive about my feelings and didn’t want me to get a shock. So, he opened the door.

In the dark, I could sense the house stuffed up and very unusual. It felt different than what it was when we left home in the evening. He turned on the lights! And to my surprise, ~40 people started screaming with joy. The house was all decorated with balloons (pink and blue) and strings, cardboard and stickers, cupcakes and chocolates. I was blown-away!

How does it feel to come to a fully decorated house, and your favorite people waiting to welcome you home? I was awestruck! I should say that’s the wonderful part of pregnancy. As soon as I walked in with a half-open-mouth, the girls surrounded me, asking me to put on a lovely dress (maybe I saved the dress I bought one and half years back just for this lovely occasion), and they helped me get ready.

With lot of homemade snacks, and diaper games; we had loads of fun. They prayed over me and our budding family, blessed us and gifted us with a cute baby carrier sling bag. After all the food, fun and fellowship, they were kind enough to clean the house before they left. Don’t you think it’s very much appropriate to call myself blessed to have such an amazing bunch of people whom I can call family?

I left the balloons hanging from the ceiling, until they fell down, one-by-one. I was running a contest: “Who’s going to win?” (Deep inside, I knew Blue was going to win – Thanks to all the gender prediction stories I’ve heard.) When there were two blues and one pink left, I was so sure that the pink was going to fall first. It made the contest even more fun when one blue fell off, leaving one pink and one blue hanging.

Then, one bright morning, I was surprised to see the blue balloon fall and the pink still holding on to the ceiling.
That pink balloon won not just the contest but the reality too.

P.S: This blog is dedicated to all of you, who made my pregnancy a most memorable one. Our baby is blessed to have you all as a family. Thank you so much for your love and blessings. We love you guys!

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