Can suffering be a blessing in disguise?

Have you ever wondered going back in time and connecting to a series of events which paved the path for your outcomes? I guess, most of us do.

But here’s a tricky question –
Have you ever conjectured what your current situation might eventually lead to?

One of my recent experiences, which is no less than a miracle, quickened my inquisitive mind to go forward chronologically in time to process thoughts differently. 

If you’ve been following my blogs, you must be aware of the season of sickness we endured.

With our baby girl’s first birthday soon approaching, we were in a dilemma of having a big celebration. After few weeks of brainstorming together and praying individually, we decided to celebrate within a fixed budget. 

Unfortunately, a season of sickness doomed over us and a whole month was lost in it. Since it was a medical emergency and we were not prepared for it, we had to shell out more than what we saved. Credit card came to our rescue. 

Dazed by our credit card bills, I was overwhelmed with anguish which threatened to engulf me. Slumped in dejection, we made a choice in haste. Just a small birthday celebration with the immediate family – decision made and finalized. No hungama!

Apparently, our church buddies were disappointed with our decision. They insisted on celebrating and we couldn’t disagree. They gleefully decorated our terrace, bought the cake and helped with almost everything. Even though they pitched in, it was a stretch on our credit card as we spent more than what we initially fixed our minds on.

A month and a half later, the reimbursement of our medical bills that we got from our insurance company left us flabbergasted.
(I’m keeping the details of the insurance company and the amounts confidential). 

Would you believe if I told you that we received 40% more than what we actually paid? I don’t know if it was a mistake, but it was undeniably a miracle. The extra amount that we received was exactly how much we spent on our baby girl’s birthday celebration. 

Looking back, I now understand the purpose of the sick season we had to go through. He allowed my husband to be hospitalized, and take us through a financial crisis only to provide for our celebration – yet, in a peculiar way. 

There’s a purpose to everything that happens under the sun. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Isn’t it true that God works in mysterious ways? His ways are undoubtedly higher than how far our imagination can take us.

He didn’t let us settle for anything less (our small fixed budget). He made a way to celebrate (We’re so thankful for the ushers family who planned and executed everything enthusiastically), strategized the expenses incurred and provided for our bills just before the credit card bill was due. 

If the excess amount we received was just a coincidence to the amount we spent on our celebration, the series of incidents that happened explains it all. It was precisely God’s plan and timing. There was certainly no mistake. Everything went exactly as per His script.
(P.S: There were times when our genuine medical bills were denied reimbursement for silly reasons. That’s how strict/foolish the insurance policies are)

When He gave us these family promises – “You shall eat the riches of the Gentiles. Isaiah 61:6” and “I will nourish you and your little ones. Genesis 50:21“, we had absolutely no idea who our Gentiles were or from where we would receive our provision.

Finally, the mystery unfolds.
The Gentiles are the insurance company stakeholders, and the provision came through an avalanche of suffering and financial crisis.

All His promises are Yes and Amen!

Here’s a challenge for you –
If you’re going through a painful situation, would you try viewing it from a future perspective? 
Even though the outcome doesn’t look promising in the beginning, it surely will leave you speechless when you experience the results.

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  • Spoorthi

    Every time I read the stories I stop thinking you as my friend and read it , to have a genuine feed back but you never disappointed … every time I end up my eyes getting wet.. God bless you more baby.. You are truly blessed. Sending more love.

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