The Job experience

Have you ever imagined yourself in Job’s situation? Or, associated yourself with his troubles?

I did.

I imagined Satan going up and down the earth, walking to and fro in it and making himself available at the council meeting. 

GOD: Have you seen my servant Yasha? – the one who is generous, never gets tired of helping people, serving in the church and guiding a group of youngsters?

Satan: Ah! Have you not blessed the work of his hands? That’s the driving force for him to worship you. But, stop pouring out your goodness and he will curse you.

GOD: I challenge his faith. You can destroy anything which belongs to him, but do not touch him.

*Mr.Satan quickly set out to prosecute his evil plan.*

Unpleasant, distressing and terrible news started pouring in one after the other.

A couple struggling in their marriage
A couple suffering a miscarriage
A friend losing hope
A friend giving up on his dream
A friend losing a job
A youngster taking a foolish decision
A friend losing peace
A brother sinking in depression
A fear gripped buddy
A closed one going through suffering
The list seemed endless.

*Re-coursing to kneeling down in prayer and intercession was the only resort which gave hope.*

GOD: Didn’t I tell you that my servant is trustworthy?

SATAN: Didn’t you put a hedge around his family? That’s the reason he still loves you.

GOD: You can do whatever you want, but you can’t touch him.

*Back at home, our 10-month-old baby Liz fell sick. Diarrhoea and fever brought her active schedule to silence. The poor little baby then had chickenpox. It was terrible to see her suffer for two long weeks.*

When she got better, we were so thankful for God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives. We celebrated our triumph.

But, Satan couldn’t tolerate his defeat and he wasn’t ready to give up yet.

SATAN: Haven’t you protected his own body? If you torment him physically, he’d definitely leave you.

GOD: Do whatever you want to, but spare his life.

Just one day into Liz’s healing, my husband developed a high fever. Two days later, rashes started popping up everywhere (the literal Job experience phase). Each day began with a sigh and ended with a cry. The past day felt much better than every new morning.

Sitting in the shadows,
Crying in the stillness

Tears streaming down,
Fears over the intoxicating journey

Groping in the void of darkness,
Hoping to reach the tunnel’s end

High with hope of blooming health,
My heart was still beating the life-giving drum.

*Mr.Satan didn’t want to face defeat. So he kept fighting, making it worse day by day.*

I couldn’t face it head-on but an invisible power kept pushing me forward. Taking care of Liz, sleeping alone, getting the groceries, riding to the hospital and running the house was difficult. But, His grace was made perfect in my weakness. I received timely help from family and friends. 

All I prayed for is strength to go through the pain. I just didn’t want to land myself in Job’s wife’s place.

It took awhile but we got out of the sick mess.
It took awhile but we got back to our routine.
It took awhile but things changed.
It took awhile but God restored everything (more in fact). (P.S: You can read about the “more” part here. 😀 )

And for God’s glory, He blessed us abundantly. 

If something good can come out of suffering, isn’t it His goodness? 

He has been so faithful that I cannot contain it in my heart. Not once has He gone back on His promises. He never fails to surprise me and capture me in His everlasting arms.

I proudly declare,
Hey Satan, “That’s my God – The all powerful one.”

I’m in awe of His reckless love.

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