What good can come from the unjust?

An unjust manager was fired from his job. When the boss asked him to submit his reports and be gone, he was dejected.

He went back to his desk and with his face buried in his palms, he was thinking what would happen to his future – “I cannot go out on the streets and start begging. I have a decent job and respect in the society. What will people think about me now?”

So, he quickly came up with an action plan (No wonder he’s a manager!) – “Let me make as many friends as possible, who can help me until I find a job for myself.”

He had one last chance to work for his boss – “Submit the reports”.

Maybe he was a Manager in the Accounts Department. He called everybody who owed money to his boss and re-settled the accounts, by cancelling 20%, 50% of their debts.

You can imagine the outcome of his final project – The associates whose debt has been cancelled must’ve been so grateful to their manager. They must’ve given him gifts, or invited him to their home.

Mission accomplished! (…at least until he finds another job)

If you were this manager, what would you do? (Responses are appreciated)

If I were to put myself in his shoes, I would submit the reports, hide my face, hang my head in shame and return home.

If you were a witness to this at your workplace, how would you react? (Responses are appreciated)

If I were to witness it, I would be more shocked with his last deed. I would think he’s digging his own grave, instead of rectifying his past – which costed him his job.

But, here is the moral of the story –

Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends. Luke 16:9

Surprised? I was, too.

True to the fact that the Bible doesn’t encourage you to be unjust, yet, there’s a reason why Jesus used this anecdote to teach us a lesson.

So, here’s a breakdown of the moral –

Find good in every situation, no matter how evil the world around you is.
Do good in every possible way, no matter how hurt you are.
Be good in every aspect, no matter how you’re treated.

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