Life Saver Gifts for a new Mom

The 3 Life Saver Gifts I received as a new mom

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Experiences as a New Mother

Motherhood is exciting and a lot exhausting too. It’s a life changing experience for a first time mom, and can become exceedingly stressful without proper help or care. 

When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I was thrilled to be a mother. I was extremely eager and just couldn’t wait for nine long months to meet my baby. 

Although I was immensely delighted and braced up for our little one’s arrival, I had no idea what I was going to experience. I had absolutely no clue about the daily drama of postpartum. 

From the struggle of nursing my child to putting her to sleep, each moment weighed me down. Despite the fact that I enjoyed being a mamma bear – cuddling and snuggling, I was moody and heavy-hearted. Nothing had prepared me for what was going to come. I struggled to convince myself that I’m doing the best I could. I felt like a failure – a bad mom. (This has changed now, thankfully). 

If you are a first-time mom, this article would definitely help you. It elaborates on the basic parenting essentials that nobody prepares you for.

Here are the Life-saver gifts I received that made me feel much better –

Life Saver Gifts I received as a new Mom

1. Breast Pump

Fighting baby blues & staying at home made me feel locked up. I badly needed a break, but too shy to take the baby out and nurse in public.

In addition to that, I had to endure cracked & bleeding nipples, which made nursing a nightmare. Here’s one of my articles published on Firstcry, to help other moms dealing with the same issue. 

Thanks to my sister who gifted me a Breast Pump. It not only helped me feed my hungry baby on the go, but also helped me grow into a confident mommy. Most importantly, it gave me time to heal. It was definitely a life saver.

I would personally prefer an electric one, because a manual pump would add extra stress. Here’s the one I have been using – Medela Electric Breast Pump

Another affordable option is – Luvlap Electric Breast Pump

2. Pacifier

Nobody prepared me for a baby’s constant cry. I had no idea of a colicky baby. All I was told when my baby cried was that she was hungry again (like how I mentioned here). I had my own fears of getting her used to a pacifier.

Fearing how the first flight with my 45 day old baby would go, I was contemplating on getting a pacifier. Just a few days before our journey, a friend from Canada got some gifts for our baby, which included pacifiers. 

My little darling enjoyed her flight. Thanks to the pacifier – the constant sucking helped her regulate the ear pressure. She behaved like a sweet little professional traveler. 

As an add-on to my existing fears, there was terrifying news on the internet that an infant passed away on a flight journey. Thankfully, my husband held back the news from me until we reached home safe. My heart goes out to the parents of that precious baby.

If you are like me and don’t want to get your baby used to a pacifier, I understand your concerns. If you’re planning to take a flight with your baby, I highly suggest giving a pacifier to the baby during the flight. It keeps their airways open and avoids discomfort. Just like a chewing gum can equalize air pressure for an adult on the flight, a pacifier helps a baby.

Alternatively, if your baby is 4+ months old, you can also use this nibbler with a piece of fruit inside it.

3. Bouncer 

Right from the day she was born, she had sleep issues. The maximum she slept in 24 hours was 6 to 8 hours including all her power naps. “Sleep like a baby” made no sense to me. I cannot forget the only day she slept straight for 9 hours – when she was 7 days old. 

When my sister-in-law offered to buy a baby bouncer, our initial thoughts were against it. We even asked her if she could just return it. But, she insisted and sent it all the way from the UK to India. 

Soon as we put our month and a half old baby on it, she drooled away to sleep. It worked like magic! That was no short of a miracle we witnessed. It became our baby’s best friend, until the time she was able to walk. 

When my husband was off to work and I was alone with the baby, I could leave her in the bouncer without having to worry about what disaster might take place while I cooked or attended to my regular chores. 

It was an extra pair of helping hands for me. A hands-free safe place where I can leave my baby, without constantly carrying her. I could sit next to her and cut vegetables while talking to her. It definitely made life easier for me.

LuvLap Go Fishing Baby Bouncer with Soothing Vibration and Music is an affordable option.
You can also check INFANTSO Baby Rocker Portable with Mosquito & U- Shape Baby Pillow with Calming Vibrations with Music.

I will put together a list soon, which will help you choose the right gifts for a newborn and new parents.

EDIT: As promised, here’s a list of some thoughtful gifts you can choose for a new mom.

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